Sampa pays food bill

PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri has advised Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa to humble himself. Meanwhile, Sampa yesterday went back to Roan and Sable Café and Grill to clear his K700 food bill which he refused to pay a few days ago on the pretext of receiving poor service. But Phiri said as a leader, no matter the status, one needed to humble themselves and suit in the environment they were in.

She said what Sampa did was unfortunate.

Phiri advised Sampa to emulate President Edgar Lungu, who was on record eating in restaurants that were beneath his status.

“Palya pa Luangwa patu ma shops balashitisha na masau twaingila namu kalemoneka kwati nika restaurant bashita nama buns, umwine wa shop taishibe nokwishiba ati (at the shops at Luangwa where they even sell masau, we entered what looked like a restaurant and he bought buns, the owner of the shop did not even know that it’s) the Republican President, na drink and that picture came out in one of the newspapers, some of you can remember…what I am trying to say, as a leader, no matter what status, you suit in the environment you are in and you don’t have to tell people ati iyo ine nine deputy secretary general, I am a honourable member of parliament, give me preference…No; let people discover on their own. I have given an example of what the President did,” Phiri said.

She added that it was not right that people should be subjected to ‘scrawling’ each time a leader walked in a public place.

“On that trip as we were coming back, he stopped, he was buying mango, palya apo baleshita mango bayamba nokulya mango, you remember that picture? It still appears balabachitapo nama funnies balelya mango, basuka bayamba nokulya and people didn’t even know that was the President. When they discovered, you know, they were shocked and the Bible is very clear…God lifts those who humble themselves and drops those who lift themselves up, that is my contribution. It’s very unfortunate that my young brother…he shouldn’t have done that. People should mix with young [not where] bamimona balefukamina kulya baletota [they see you, they kneel and clap for you], it shouldn’t be like that, even by tradition ulya mwaiche wandi twafuma nankwe ku Muchinga, and we don’t do things like that. Imwe it depends naine sometimes nalimapo, ndepela example yaba President…for his status is he worth to eat mu Restaurant yapa Luangwa? Naupeshiba pa Luangwa, waliyapo iwe? Tamwaba na aircon, ama shelves bapopelela nefikopo (do you know Luangwa, have you been to that place? There is even no aircon, the shelves are made of fabricated iron), no proper sitting, if you remember that picture. You want to go there because you want to be like them, people who operate there tabasambilila (not educated), in most cases, tabaishiba na (they don’t even know issues of) protocol eko waima walasetin’ga  abantu, yashani iyo imwe (that’s where to stop and you are setting up people, what is that)…bye,” said Phiri.

Sampa’s note to the restaurant management has continued doing the rounds on social media with many condemning the civic leader for his action.
Instead of paying, Sampa scribbled on his bill: “The Manager/owner, the service has gone down so much and one has to beg to be offered a service. I will only pay this bill after a month and if the service improves.”

The proprietor Andrew Daniels refused to comment saying he would not want to abrogate the client/restaurant confidentiality. But a source wondered why Sampa waited until the bill shot to K700 before ‘noticing that the service was bad.’

The source said the Restaurant service was not bad as insinuated by Sampa.

“The services here are okay, why did he wait until the bill got to K700 before noticing that the service was bad. The man was just broke and didn’t know how else to entertain himself and pay at a later date when he has money,” said the source.

“It’s unfortunate that the Lusaka Mayor only realised that service has become poor at the restaurant after finishing the food and wine after being handed the bill. He should have just paid than cause unnecessary drama.”

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  1. yobe

    November 3, 2018 at 8:39 pm

    He is a fool and what kind of a leader he is? I even wonder what is doing as a mayor

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