Nsofwa cites lack of motivation for TAZARA Express’ poor performance

(By Isaac Zulu in Kapiri Mposhi)

TAZARA Express Football club board member Cephas Nsofwa has attributed the team’s poor performance to lack of motivation among players.

And Nsofwa has urged the club’s technical bench to embark on a recruitment of new players in order to beef up the squad.

In an interview, Nsofwa, the club’s former head coach, disclosed that the FAZ Division One Central Province side experienced an exodus of key players because management at the railway company did not take keen interest in motivating players.

“This season TAZARA Express started on a very good note and people thought that the team will win promotion to the MTN FAZ Premier League by the end of the season. Unfortunately we experienced the movement of key players from the team due to lack of motivation to players by TAZARA management,” Nsofwa said.

“Due to this problem we saw our top man in the name of Cheelo Mwape and another attacking left midfielder, among other key players leaving for greener pastures. Another contributing factor was the decision by management to fire my immediate successor Mr Leonard Zulu along with his assistant Christopher Njovu from the technical bench. From that time the performance of the team at TAZARA Express continued to deteriorate where they cannot even win promotion.”

And Nsofwa urged the TAZARA Express technical bench to embark on the identification and recruitment of new players.

“My only humble appeal to the current technical bench at TAZARA Express Football Club and management at TAZARA is that they should quickly start the process of identifying talented players and recruit them,” said Nsofwa who is also popularly known as Cecha.

“There are a lot of talented young players in teams like Kapiri United and other football teams in Central Province that can add value to TAZARA Express Football club.”

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