There’s lawlessness in Zambia – Mulongoti


THE PF has no leadership to talk about and that’s why they are taking cover behind their vuvuzelas, says Peoples Party president Mike Mulongoti.

Commenting on PF cadre Chanoda Ngwira’s threats on High Court judges Mumba Malila and Wood Albert for being witnesses of Mutembo Nchito in a matter he has challenged the State over his dismissal from office, Mulongoti said there was lawlessness in the country because there was no credible leadership to talk about.
Patriotic Front cadre Ngwira has written Supreme Court judges Malila and Wood in an attempt to intimidate them.
Mutembo has challenged his dismissal by President Edgar Lungu in the Constitutional Court. Justice Malila, in a witness statement in the matter, stated that although one of the terms of reference for the tribunal that investigated Mutembo and recommended his removal as DPP included an allegation that he entered a nolle prosequi in the case of the People vs Dr Rajan L. Mahtani, no one consulted him before the tribunal was constituted.
He stated that he was surprised that Mutembo was arrested as a result of a nolle prosequi, which he entered in Dr Mahtani’s case when it was him [Malila], as Attorney General then, who directed him to do so.
Mulongoti asked PF secretary general Davies Mwila to cage his cadres.

“It all points to one thing; we all talked about lawlessness, that’s what lawlessness is all about. Judges are protected by our Constitution and when they make an opinion, you must respect that opinion. Why should a cadre…there is the Minister of Justice, the Attorney General, there are all those offices but why should a cadre threaten judges?” Mulongoti asked.

“This is indiscipline, I expect the secretary general Davies Mwila, to intervene in this matter because if he doesn’t intervene, in other words he is condoning indiscipline in his party. There must be order if there is going to be a government that will respect the rule of law. There must be order. Nobody is saying that they can’t speak freely but once you reach a stage where cadres begin attacking judges then where are we going? It means we have lost direction, so we are calling upon authorities in the PF to tame their cadres so that we don’t have that kind of behaviour.”

He said it was clear that the PF leadership was now sending surrogates to intimidate the judges owing to the number of issues before court.

“Mind you there are a number of issues that are coming up before judges; one of it is of Mr Lungu, the other one is that of ministers paying back what they took illegally, the issue of the petition etc…so it is sending them in panic and since they can’t come out on their own, they are now sending surrogates to intimidate the courts. I don’t think the courts will succumb to that, they will stand their ground,” said Mulongoti.

“Is there a leadership you can talk about in PF? If there was a leadership, they would have been speaking, and if you see, most of those vocal leaders are quiet, so they have to speak on their behalf. That’s why we can’t talk about leadership because leaders will talk and provide direction but they are silent and that means they have nothing to say and in the process they are taking cover in vuvuzelas…. Vuvuzelas can’t help you, they just make noise and at the end of the day when a crunch comes vuvuzelas are never available. We would like to appeal to them, speak out when you have something to say, don’t speak behind people who have no capacity, people who don’t understand issues.”

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