Typhoid breaks out at Mukanda camp in Lstone

OVER 30 Luvale circumcision initiates known as Tundanji from Livingstone’s Natebe area have been quarantined at Ngwenya health centre over suspected outbreak of typhoid. And Livingstone District Director of Health Dr Tino Malisebo says the situation is under control and that investigations into what may have led to the disease outbreak in the camp have been instituted.

In an interview, Dr Malisebo said 38 Tundanji initiates had been quarantined and measures had been put in place to keep the situation under control.

“We have alerted the Livingstone Central Hospital, the police and the Livingstone local authority as well as the water company so that they can be on alert. We want the police to help us to ensure that no one goes in and out of the quarantine centre without authority. The quarantine centre is right up in the community but the public order Act allows us to confine suspects in a secure health centre,” Dr Malisebo said.

“We are currently investigating as from where the Salmonella Typhi bacteria which causes Typhoid may have come from. Is it from food or water? But one thing we have realized is that the hygiene standards in these camps [Mukanda] is not good, there is open defecation and handling of food is very poor…so far, the samples have indicated some positive elements of Salmonella.”

He said health officials were still caring out more investigations in the camp which was normally an out-of-bounds premises to females, non circumcised males and non Luvales. Dr Malisebo further appealed for calm among Livingstone residents, adding that health personnel must be allowed to do their work.

“…health workers carrying out investigations into what may have caused typhoid also want to make sure that they know the exact causes of the disease and where next it may break out,” said Dr Malisebo.

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