Lungu is a dangerous hypocrite, says Syakalima


DOUGLAS Syakalima says President Edgar Lungu is a dangerous hypocrite who has “definitely” put Zambians asunder.

Hundreds of Zambians, from different backgrounds, gathered for a farewell service for freedom fighter Mama Chibesa Kankasa at the Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Lusaka on Saturday, with President Lungu saying: “I will not be that foolish leader who will put our country asunder” what Zambia’s independence heroes built at great personal cost.

President Lungu, in his farewell speech in Church, said Mama Kankasa, who died on October 29 in Johannesburg, South Africa and interred at Leopards Hill Memorial Park on Sunday, had left a Zambia that faces “unprecedented threats on its unity.”

“But be rest assured that I will not be that foolish leader who will put asunder what your (Mama Kankasa’s) great generation of our struggle built at great personal cost,” President Lungu claimed.

And the President noted that fear of losing an entire legacy bequeathed by freedom fighters to the current crop of Zambians doubled “the pain we feel at their passing.”

President Lungu said it would not amount to exaggeration if he said Mama Kankasa’s generation, “which sadly is becoming leaner and leaner,” was certainly embarrassed by “debasing conduct” like tribalism, regionalism and many other distractions that have crept into the present political space.

“We are afflicted by double pain because we are not just losing them (freedom fighters) but we seem to be losing the great values upon which they built the foundation of this great Republic,” regretted President Lungu.

But Syakalima called The Mast yesterday and was confounded that President Lungu preached against vices that he championed and idolised.

“He (President Lungu) is a dangerous hypocrite who has definitely put Zambians asunder. He has made Zambians fight and he has made his police kill and maim Zambians. So, I don’t know whether he has a conscious or not because he talks against the same things that he practices. Only a dead conscious behaves the way he behaves,” Syakalima charged.

“If he is not eaten up by what he says, then I don’t know what type of [a] human being he is. He talks about tribalism but he is a tribalist, he is a regionalist, he is a nepotist, he is corrupt to the core. So, everything that he tries to smear Zambians with is not just there.”

He accused President Lungu of being an all-time leading agent of division among Zambians.

“Having a hypocrite like him is very dangerous for our country. I don’t even know where this man came from! Normal Zambians don’t behave like this. We’ve had heads of the republic [but] he is the only person who has made Zambians go against each other,” regretted Syakalima.

“So, he must be ashamed of himself, even wanting to put up a face. You can imagine [that] this is a person who, anywhere he goes, is sleeping (dozing)! When he wakes, he ‘dreams’ [and] speaks anyhow. So, what kind of a President is this particular human being? Let him take his nonsense away from us Zambians because he really behaves like a foreigner. We will one day know where he came from. Of course, hypocrites can be there in society but this particular hypocrite is a dangerous one.”

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