PF to bar members with divided loyalty from contesting party positions


PF chairman for elections Yamfwa Mukanga says members with divided loyalty will not be allowed to contest the on-going intraparty elections. In an interview, Mukanga said the party had already taken note of aspirants who will be blocked from contesting party positions.

“We have not received nominations from provincial (chairman aspirants) yet, but I have seen people campaigning in the newspapers, others are even branding vehicles, but we will deal with issues of eligibility when the time comes. We will not allow outsiders to contest party elections,” Mukanga said.

He added that it was obvious that members who were insulting the party leadership on social media blogs would also not be allowed. Mukanga said the party elections were meant to usher in a team of leaders that would easily deliver victory to the party and President Edgar Lungu in 2021.

“We want to work in peace, we want a hardworking leadership that will organise the party. In 2021, we want very early in the morning just to hear that President Edgar Lungu has won without going for a rerun,” he said.

Earlier, when addressing members who had turned up for the Chawama Constituency ward 3 elections at a PF facility near Zesco head office in Lusaka, Mukanga urged them not to elect leaders who are indisciplined and disloyal. He said the members from the grassroots knew who the loyal members of the party were and should therefore do the right thing.

“If we choose leaders who will be indisciplined, disloyal, I will remove them myself,” Mukanga said.

Mukanga said for one to qualify to contest the elections, he must have served the party in the lower branches as a prerequisite. He said so far, the elections were proceeding smoothly. Meanwhile, a battalion of armed police officers was called in to prevent a possible clash between rival groups.Witnesses said a group of cadres that was not part of the electoral college turned up to try and intimidate voters.

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