ECZ tells court it does not owe 8 car hire firms as claimed

THE Electoral Commission of Zambia has submitted in the Lusaka High Court that it does not owe eight car hiring firms over K400,000 for the vehicles allegedly hired during the 2016 Presidential elections.
And the ECZ through its legal counsel has stated that the eight firms were not paid because there was no contract between the parties.
The eight firms are Namula General dealers, Shooting Star Bus Services, Mulipu General Dealers, Shalala Auto link, Mwajedi business venture and Kelipu Water and Transport.
Others are Pascal Mulenga Enterprises and Jamelia car rentals.
The companies, that also cited the Attorney General, are demanding payment of K429,400 due as at August 30, 2018 and damages.
They are also claiming interest and any other reliefs the court might deem fit.
In a defence filed in court, ECZ denied each and every allegation, stating that the plaintiffs were not entitled to any of the reliefs they were claiming.
“Save in so far as the same consists of admissions, the defendant denies each and every allegations contained in the plaintiff statement of claim as though the same were at out seriatim and traversed individually,” the defence read further.
And in reply, the eight firms stated that there was in fact a valid agreement between the parties such that ECZ had already commenced payments to them for hire of the motor vehicles in question and thereafter, failed to remit the balance to the plaintiffs.

The firms stated that ECZ would be put to strict proof relating to its denial of the existence of the oral agreement of hire of motor vehicles.

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