All PF leaders, Lungu included, must undergo performance evaluation before readoption – Chilikwazi

UPND member Costain Chilikwazi has welcomed the announcement by the PF leadership that the ruling party’s central committee will soon be evaluating the performance of its members of parliament.

Upon arrival at Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula Airport in Ndola recently President Edgar Lungu disclosed that some PF members of parliament have been working with party members to garner support for parliamentary re-adoption on the ruling PF ticket in the 2021 general elections.

President Lungu urged the PF parliamentarians to concentrate on delivering development in their respective constituencies, saying that the ruling party’s central committee would soon be evaluating their performance.

He said that those that would not perform to the expectation of the party would not be re-adopted.

Commenting on the President’s statement, Chilikwazi welcomed the decision but was quick to state that the Head of State should not heap his administration’s failure to foster the PF development agenda to the expectation of the people on party members of parliament alone.


“I think it will be unfair for the PF central committee to assess or evaluate the performance of members of parliament without looking at a broader picture. While we might appreciate and welcome this decision by the PF leadership, I think President Edgar Lungu’s administration should not heap the blame on MPs from the ruling party for failing to foster the initial PF development agenda as expected by the people,” Chilikwazi said in an interview. “If PF members of parliament have failed to ensure that residents in their respective constituencies have access to clean and safe drinking water, I think it will be unfair to blame the MPs individually. If the PF administration fails to create jobs for the people in constituencies as per their campaign promise, the blame should not squarely be put on an individual MP. The blame should be apportioned to all those in the current PF administration. This failure should be a collective responsibility. Therefore, the entire PF administration, starting from the Head of State, should be subjected to this evaluation they are now talking about.”

Chilikwazi said that if President Lungu did not want PF members of parliament to advocate for their re-adoption in 2021, he should also stop talking about his intentions to contest the Presidential poll in the 2021 general elections but concentrate on delivering on the ruling party’s campaign promises.

He noted that some Patriotic Front officials had been endorsing President Lungu as the sole PF presidential candidate in the 2021 general elections because the Head of State himself has on several occasions publicly indicated that he would want to rule beyond 2021.

“The President should be sincere about this issue and lead by example by channelling his energies towards delivering on the PF campaign promises, addressing the numerous challenges that Zambians are facing; as opposed to focussing on 2021 general elections,” said Chilikwazi, who is former Kapiri Mposhi district youth vice chairman.

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