Police fear PF cadres more than thieves, says Mwiimbu

LEADER of the opposition in Parliament Jack Mwiimbu says it is a tragedy that police officers in the country now fear PF cadres than they fear thieves.

Debating the Ministry of Home Affairs budget in Parliament yesterday, Mwiimbu, who is Monze Central UPND member of parliament, lamented that the PF government was abusing the police service.

He cautioned ruling PF members that their illegalities were documented.

“The police service has been abused by my colleagues on your [Speaker’s] right. They are the ones who have made the police not to behave professionally. There is evidence where policemen in uniform have been beaten [up] by PF cadres and nothing has been done. Why is it that PF cadres are above the law? Policemen fear PF cadres than thieves! When policemen see PF cadres, they ran away [because] they know that if they enforce the law they will be disciplined, they will be transferred, they will be humiliated. That is the tragedy!” Mwiimbu debated.
“All of us support the police but what our colleagues have done to the police is very unfortunate; the police must be left to act professionally.”

But home affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo parried Mwiimbu’s assertions about the police.

“We have encouraged the police not to look at affiliation when it comes to unruly behaviour,” said Kampyongo.

Mwiimbu pointed out that instead of sowing seeds of discord in the nation, ruling party members of parliament ought to preach national unity.

“My colleagues on your (first deputy Speaker Catherine Namugala’s) right (PF members of parliament) instead of uniting the country are dividing the country. It is the responsibility of my colleagues on your right to be collective, to listen to the issues we are raising,” he said.

And Mwiimbu said: “Let it be known that all of you who have done illegalities in this country, the illegalities you have done are known by all of us.”

“You go in the compounds; they will tell [that] the one who is doing this is that – everything is known and documented. Don’t behave like you are holier than thou! I’m linking to the statements that were made on the floor of the House by various members here who were talking about a leader – making innuendos, insinuations on the floor of this House, even agitating that he must be arrested,” said Mwiimbu.

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