POLITICIANS USELESS, SHAMELESS LIARS…who poor Zambians must not believe to the extent of dying for them, says Chipepo

ALL politicians are useless and shameless liars, says chief Chipepo. Chipepo, who has decided to tour the entire Gwembe Valley complaining that area members of parliament are not visiting their constituencies, vowed to de-campaign all non-performing members of parliament.
In a telephone interview yesterday, chief Chipepo said come 2021, he would ensure non-performing politicians, especially MPs in the Gwembe Valley, do not go back to Parliament.
“All politicians are useless and shameless liars that poor Zambians must not believe to an extent of dying for them in the process,” he said.

Chief Chipepo said poverty levels in rural areas have gone high because politicians were not doing what they promised people when they were canvassing for votes.

“They told us a lot of lies and we voted for them but here we are still suffering. Now come 2021 we will usher in new blood that can perform,” he said. “So those wishing to stand should start visiting us this time, now, so that we have enough time to scrutinise them because if they show themselves in 2021, it will be too late.”
Chief Chipepo said he was touring the three districts of Siavonga, Gwembe and Sinazongwe. He said his people need help from those in authority.
Chif Chipepo said there was lack of tangible development and that food shortages in some areas required urgent attention.
“Roads are bad and we need them to be graded every now and then so that people can conduct their businesses properly. And because of the drought situation here, some areas already need relief food,” he said. “We wanted our MPs to talk about these things because they are our representatives but unfortunately all what they have preoccupied themselves with is talking about loss of the 2016 elections.”
Chief Chipepo said people no longer want to vote for those that were just using them to get into leadership.

“2021 will be an opportunity for Zambians to remove non-performers and usher in new people that can perform,” he said. “Come 2021, I will make sure that non-performing politicians, especially MPs in the Gwembe valley, don’t go back to Parliament,” he said.
Chief Chipepo pledged to extend his de-campaigning message against non-performing members of parliament to other chiefdoms in the province by influencing his fellow chiefs to rise against poor leadership.
He said people were tired of being cheated every time there was an election.
“Once you vote for them they go for good instead of going to cooperating partners to lobby for support for their constituencies. For example, here in the valley I go round to ask people if the MPs they voted for go to see them and their answer is that they have never seen them from the time they voted for them,” Chipepo said.
He said members of parliament must be made to know that they do not own the people they represent hence the need for them “to go in 2021.”
Chief Chipepo said people in rural areas no longer need dormant members of parliament who neither speak for them in Parliament nor go flat out to lobby for their constituencies.

“2021 will be an opportunity for Zambians to do things properly like they do in America,” he said.
Chief Chipepo appealed to the government to complete works on the Bottom Road from Sinazeze to Munyumbwe.
He urged the Ministry of Agriculture to ensure people who deserved to benefit from the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) were identified.
He noted that vulnerable people in his chiefdom were not among the beneficiaries of FISP because no one spoke for them.

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