Milingo’s family seeks govt intervention over his ‘disappearance’


THE family of excommunicated Roman Catholic archbishop Emmanuel Milingo has asked the government to take keen interest in his wellbeing. Family spokesperson George Zulu said the family was being kept in the dark on what was going on with Milingo. A fortnight ago, Milingo, 88 was admitted to the University Teaching Hospital with suspected malaria.

But in an interview yesterday, Zulu said Milingo’s wife, Maria Sung, had forced a discharge of the archbishop against advice from doctors and took the patient out of the country without the family’s knowledge.

“…the wife forced a discharge, so they discharged him against medical advice and took him to Twikatane. What we didn’t know was already she had tickets, so they escaped. They are in [South] Korea right now. They left on Thursday on Ethiopian Airways. By the time we wanted to see him as a family, he was gone. So the family is so disturbed. She sent me a message that we are in Korea. No consent whatsoever,” Zulu said.

He said the family was disturbed by the development and was appealing to the government to intervene before it was too late.

Zulu said the family would be more than happy if the government got involved and returns its citizen to Zambia.

“I think it is high time we should get concerned with his life. What we know is that the Moonies [Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church] was founded on the search for peace, peace which starts from the family. That is the core value of the Moons but we have not found any peace, we have not lived as a family with archbishop [Milingo]. We have not lived as a family so everybody is disturbed by this development…we would want the [Zambian] Ambassador to [South] Korea to visit him, to get involved,” he said.

“What the government should be interested in is his welfare as a citizen of Zambia. The government cannot just stay away from this. And we now don’t know about his stay in Korea and we don’t know about his recovery. So we would want the government to find out his state of health and how the doctors in Zambia recommended, how we should take care of him. I want the church to pray for him so that he can come back to Zambia with his wife, but all the churches must be interested. I don’t think he is there [in Korea] on his personal volition.”

Zulu said the only message he had received was from Maria Sung that they had arrived in Korea and that they were safe.

“But we don’t know what medical [treatment] he is going through. Whether he is in hospital or he is at the home, we don’t know. I have tried to check with all the family and nobody knows. It is very sad,” said Zulu./

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