THIS GOVT IS FULL OF ILLS…we wish this will not be the case with your leadership, Mangango chiefs tell NDC

(Edwin Mbulo in Kaoma)

CHIEF Muyani of the Nkoya people of Mangango says the PF government is full of ills. And chief Mufaya also of Mangango has advised Zambians never to allow politicians to steal, especially that they are the ones that elevate them to positions of power. Speaking when National Democratic Party (NDC) vice-president Josephs Akafumba paid a courtesy on him at his palace, chief Muyani said his subjects were ready to vote for the opposition candidate

Kashandola Yuvwenu whom they earlier heard wanted to contest the election as an independent.

“This government is full of ills and we wish that this will not be the case with your leadership. We are not yet free,” he said.

Muyani wondered why the PF government was not developing the area but suggested it could be because the people of Mangango have been voting for the opposition.

“But that is not correct because we are not foreigners, we are not Angolans and so we deserve to have this area developed. I sometimes wonder if the way Mangango is that is the way other areas are,” he said.

Muyani said if Zambians were to change the political leadership, it would be their decision to do so taking into consideration the many challenges they faced. He said he was pleased the NDC paid a courtesy call on him noting that the PF and the UPND had not done so for fear of being asked many questions because they had represented the area in parliament before. His Kuta secretary Nicolas Nkwanga echoed his statement adding that the PF was avoiding visiting the traditional leader for fear of being taken to task over the many evils in their governance system.

And chief Mufaya said a seed in the name of NDC has been planted and must germinate to fruition.

“For instance, I as chief Mufaya, you can’t leave me alone to make stupid decisions and destroy things just because I am chief. Even if you left me alone just because I am a chief and I start to steal your money out of your pockets that will not be morally right. This seat I hold as chief, the people who selected me are you the Zambians,” Mufaya said.

He indicated to Akafumba and his entourage that he was happy with the visit to his palace. Mufaya said he was happy with the NDC and Chishimba Kambwili’s approach to providing checks and balances to the PF.

“I receive you humbly and when I see you, I ask myself where is Chishimba Kambwili? The thing you are doing is not a joke, you are planting a seed and when the rains come that seed must shoot out. Your words have been planted here and Kambwili’s name is known here. I have told your candidate that he is our own and I have told the people that we need to select our own person,” said Mufaya.

“We need to sharpen the axe so that tomorrow we don’t have blisters in our hands [palms]…if your candidate messes up, it will be him to blame because we will not be bringing somebody from other provinces…your seed needs to be planted, let it not rot underground.”

And Akafumba told the traditional leaders that the NDC had decided to field a candidate because the PF and the UPND have had parliamentarians before but the area was still undeveloped. He said the NDC would endeavour to develop the area as it had potential in agriculture. And Yuvwenu said he would assist Kambwili fight corruption which was adversely affecting the people of Mangango.

He said the area affected by poverty due to the PF’s poor agricultural policies required more schools and health centres.

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