DC urges parents to take interest in their children’s early education

CHOMA district commissioner Sheena Muleya says parents must take keen interest in the early childhood education of their children because it is a key foundation in shaping their future. Speaking at a sixth graduation ceremony of Emerging Star Academy (ESA) in Choma on Friday, Muleya said there could be no success in one’s lifetime without effective quality education.

“Parents must take keen interest in the early childhood education of their children because it is the key foundation in shaping their future,” Muleya said.
She urged parents and teachers to build cordial relationships that could make the children’s learning effective. She commended ESA for its continued 100 per cent pass rate record since it opened its doors to the public. And speaking on behalf of Choma district education board secretary Agrippa Simatimbe, a planner, Lubinda Mulemwa, said ESA was a shining star in the provision of education in the district.

Meanwhile, ESA director Mungoni Simulilika said despite the cost of doing business being expensive in the country, his institution would endeavour to offer quality education service to bring about desired change in communities.

He pointed out that efforts private schools were making in the provision of early childhood education were cardinal in poverty alleviation for it makes the lifestyle of young ones in communities better.
“ESA is a proceed of retirement package and I would encourage those in employment to also consider ploughing back to the community by coming up with initiatives aimed at serving the community. We have sponsored vulnerable children and up coming musicians in Choma,” said Simulilika.

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