East PS to engage Sable construction on complaints over its road works

THE Eastern Province administration office says it will engage Sable Construction Company on complaints by members of the public over
its work. Responding to questions from journalists during a press briefing, provincial permanent secretary Chanda Kasolo said Sable needed to improve.

“I am engaging Sable because of many complaints by the public and my own assessment of the work that they have been doing. I have tried to reason with Sable to say, look when you get five projects and you have a little bit of money on one project, use that money on that project, finish that money on that project, people will see the difference. The practice of receiving money then you spread it across five projects you end up doing the roads half way and you run out of money and then you stop, that’s what has been happening,” Kasolo said.

He said Sable had been working on Kalindawalo road for a long period of time.
“Sometimes when he is about to finish this road, he stops, same with the road that branches from down shops traffic lights road near Stanbic Bank coming through to the Chipata Central hospital. So I am engaging Sable next week because I would like those two roads finished; that’s the least I want. If I can’t find a solution, I will come and tell you…we can’t be let down like that, no it’s not acceptable,” Kasolo said.
Sable has been blaming the delays to complete works on government’s poor funding.

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