Kitwe taxi driver’s death in police cells raises suspicion

A TAXI driver in Kitwe has died in police custody a day after handing himself in. Copperbelt Commissioner Charity Katanga confirmed that Oscar Sakala was found dead in the Riverside Police cell on Friday morning after being detained on Thursday. Sakala’s death has sparked suspicion and speculation among Kitwe residents who are blaming police for his death.
But Katanga allayed assertions that Sakala had been killed by police saying he was found with a small bottle of doom in his underwear.

“The following morning, he was found unconscious and he was taken to the hospital but he had died. When he was being taken to the mortuary, the body was inspected and found with a bottle of doom under his pants, the body had no injuries,” Katanga explained.

“So because of the stories that were circulating, police were forced to call the father to the decease together with other relatives. I directed that they go and inspect the body which was done and the body was found to be intact,” she said.

Katanga said a thorough investigation was underway to establish the true cause of Sakala’s death.


  1. Muntu

    November 19, 2018 at 10:13 am

    Eish. Sometimes I feel the pain of our docility as a nation. We need to unite and stop this barbaric behaviour. This is not about death in cells raising suspicion. It is a serious matter. Since the coming into power citizens, NGOs, public and private institutions have gone to sleep. Have we been bewitched?

  2. Dennis Ng'andwe

    November 18, 2018 at 2:01 pm

    It cannot be true that a bottle of doom was found in the underwear of the dead taxi driver Oscar in the mortuary. The boy died in Police cell and before a suspect is taken to the cell he or she is searched by the police.How was a bottle of doom found in the underwear of a suspect who died in the police cell and was searched before being taken to the cells? Ba mayo Ba Charity, just tell us what actually happened. Your office, the Police is the First Suspect in this case. Officers who were on duty are guilty of the crime. Do not defend them prematurely.

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