ZAMBIANS ARE SUFFERING IMMENSELY…their plight must be placed ahead of that of politicians – HH

SUFFERINGS by Zambians are immense and they need to have their plight placed first than those of political leaders, says Hakainde Hichilema.

Speaking at St Kizito Catholic Church during a service for the late Sesheke member of parliament Frank Kufakwandi, the UPND leader said Zambians are faced with many challenges which need to be addressed by politicians as Kufakwandi tried to do.

“Frank [Kufakwandi] should have continued providing services to the people of Sesheke. Frank should have completed his programme of works, at least five years, and us as a party would have said he did what he could for the period that he was elected but it was God’s take,” he said.

“Our duty for those of us that God has allowed to live on to carry on with Frank’s works, we know that sufferings in Sesheke, Western Province and all over Zambia are immense. It is our duty to continue doing those things that will alleviate the welfare of our people. The lives of the people come first than ours,” Hichilema said.

He added that if one desired to serve Zambians, the best way was to carry on with the selfless works of the late Sesheke member of parliament.

Hichilema further called on Sesheke residents to ask themselves if they value the lives of other suffering Zambians.

“If you answer that question in affirmative, that is fine but if you can’t then give others a chance to work for the people,” said Hichilema.

And UPND Southern Province information and publicity secretary Neto Halwabala said Hichilema showed humility towards Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba by greeting him despite his attacks on the opposition leader.

The government was represented by religious affairs minister Godfridah Sumaili while parliament was represented by several legislators led by Chembe member of parliament Sebastian Kopulande.

Kufakwandi, 67 died in South Africa last week and was interred in Sesheke yesterday.

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