Mukuni challenges govt to explain Chinese inscribed beacons


CHIEF Mukuni of Kazungula and Livingstone is asking the PF government to explain why beacons at ZAFFICO have inscriptions in Chinese. Mukuni appealed to lands and information ministers, Jean Kapata and Dora Siliya respectively, to resign on moral grounds for lying to Zambians about the Chinese ZAFFICO saga.

“The pictures showing beacons at ZAFFICO with Chinese inscriptions is proof enough that the PF has sold the entity. So I urge the PF ministers to resign for telling lies. We need them to be honourable enough and say sorry to Zambians,” said Mukuni.

And NDC vice-president Josephs Akafumba said Zambia’s posterity would have to fight for independence from the Chinese. Akafumba said the rate at which the Chinese were assuming Zambian land and properties was alarming.

“I was in South Africa recently and I was shocked at how we as Zambians have all of a sadden become a laughing stock. We cannot go out with our heads high anymore as Zambians, and at this rate, we are subjecting posterity to a fight for Zambia’s independence,” Akafumba said.

He added that unlike in 1964, the future generation would have a tough fight to regain economic and land freedoms given out to the Chinese by the PF.

Recently, Siliya, Lusaka’s Bowman Lusambo, Eastern Province’s Makebi Zulu offered to resign should it be proved that ZAFFICO had been sold.

“In the same manner, I’m giving him a week, on behalf of government, that if he does not bring this evidence, he too should be prepared to resign as the opposition leader of the UPND. If we give a statement that it has not been sold, it is because we are doing so on behalf of the people of Zambia and it is irresponsible for somebody who even knows the law that ZNBC cannot be sold without the approval of Parliament to continue a smear campaign,” said Siliya.

“We, in government, are very clear on our position and we are saying that ZAFFICO and ZNBC have not been sold. If Mr Hichilema cannot produce evidence to the contrary within one week, I suggest that the UPND should be looking for leadership elsewhere because leadership cannot be about lies. The agenda by the opposition, particularly the UPND, to paint black our partners in development such as the Chinese government and its people is uncalled-for.”

Meanwhile, Kapata claimed the government would not allow any foreigner to buy shares in ZAFFICO.

“The issue of Chinese does not arise. I have said it must be Zambians to buy, so how then are we mentioning the Chinese in this scenario? We are not allowing any foreigner to buy [ZAFFICO shares]. The issues of foreigners does not arise. We are talking too much about the Chinese, let’s leave them out of most of the conversations that we have.”

Asked about what appears to be beacons on one of the ZAFFICO forests with Chinese inscriptions that have gone viral, Kapata said: “How can the Chinese go and mark the beacons because beacons are dealt with by the Surveyor General and how does the Chinese come in to do that? All this is just rumour mongering and propaganda; get it from the rightful people so that information is furnished.”

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