PF youth defend NCZ management against calls for its disbandment

(By Oswald Sichone in Kafue)

PF youths in Kafue have urged the Industrial Development Corporation to ignore calls from disgruntled individuals to overhaul the Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia management because the Zuze Banda management has done its best to resuscitate the fertiliser company. And Over 80 former NCZ depot staff have commended NCZ management for paying them off all their gratuity despite the company having financial challenges.

In an interview, James Wasu Nyirenda, who spoke on behalf of PF youths, advised IDC not to entertain calls from disgruntled politicians to replace the current management at NCZ saying such people were merely jealous of the achievements of the Banda management.

“As PF youths in Kafue, we are happy with the current NCZ management. We have seen how Zuze has strived to resuscitate NCZ. Before Zuze took over the plant, a lot of people used to say that a NCZ is a wreck and should be sold for scrap but when PF came into power, we appointed a visionary Chemical Engineer who changed things at NCZ. Today NCZ stands as one of the highest paying company in Kafue,” Nyirenda said.

And former NCZ depot staff group spokesman James Sinyangwe thanked the Banda management for paying them off all their gratuity despite NCZ experiencing financial difficulties. Sinyangwe stated that the NCZ management had demonstrated good leadership by sacrificing to pay them all their monies even before it paid its permanent workforce.

“We are indeed grateful to the entire NCZ top management for making a very tough decision to liquidate all the debt that NCZ owed us. We want to say thank you to Zuze Banda whom we troubled for some time. What NCZ management has done for us is a clear indication that there is good leadership at NCZ. We further extend our gratitude to the PF government under the able and visionary leadership of Edgar Chagwa Lungu for recapitalising NCZ but what government should do is to pump in more money so that NCZ can produce more. As I speak to you, over 50 trucks are marooned at NCZ because of inadequate fertiliser, the demand is high but NCZ is unable to meet the demand because of lack of money to meet production costs,” Sinyangwe said.

Meanwhile, Fred Mutambo, who was the first union chairman for NCZ attributted the problems at NCZ to lack of political will to revamp the fertiliser company.

” I understand NCZ very well, the problem is not Zuze Banda and his management; the major problem is lack of political will by those who are charged with the responsibility of overseeing the welfare of NCZ. It’s under the current management that NCZ did well and became desirable. We saw a lot of miners on the Copperbelt quiting their jobs and joining NCZ because of its good conditions of service.That was because of good political will,” said Mutambo.

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