UNFPA, UNICEF pledge $600,000 toward 2020 census

THE United Nations Population Fund has pledged US$500,000 in terms of technical assistance, equipment and financial resources while UNICEF will provide US$100,000, towards the 2020 census. According to a press statement issued by Ministry of National Development Planning spokesperson Chibaula Silwamba yesterday, the pledge was made when Central Statistical Office acting director Goodson Sinyenga and other officials met cooperating partners and the private sector to mobilise resources for the 2020 census for population and housing.

United Nations resident coordinator Janet Rogan announced the UNFPA and UNICEF pledges towards census. She announced that the UNAIDS had pledged to support the census. Rogan said technical assistance from UN agencies was being provided to line ministries to increase data quality and that the UN would continue providing assistance in the areas of need. According to Silwamba, International Organisation for Migration chief of mission Annie Lane was keen to learn the incorporation and recognition of migration issues in the 2020 census.

The IOM emphasised the need for quality data on migration characteristics and variables, in the context of how to better manage and govern internal and cross-border migration, ensuring that no one was left behind.

Lane added that the IOM would offer technical assistance in pre-census activities, pilot post-enumeration, the main census activities and post-enumeration census.

“The USAID already contributes some resources through technical assistance being provided by the US census bureau to the CSO,” Silwamba stated, adding that the USAID indicated that it would continue to support the 2020 census process.

Zambia will conduct the census of population and housing in August 2020, and will be the first of its kind the country would conduct using electronic data collection methodology.

“The 2020 census will be a complete shift from the traditional Pen and Paper Interview (PAPI) to Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI)/digital census,” stated Silwamba.

“The electronic data collection methodology will improve the quality of data collected and reduce the time-lag between data collection and the dissemination of results. The estimated total budget for the 2020 census of population and housing is K841,563,560 (about US $75,139,604).”

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