Fr Phiri cautions against false prophecies

CHIPATA Diocesan Bishop’s secretary Father Felix Chakoka Phiri says there are many people who have used apocalyptic readings to bring fear in the lives of other people. In his sermon during mass at St Anne’s Cathedral Parish yesterday, Fr Phiri said Christians should not yield to false prophecies.

“We shouldn’t bend to false prophecies. There are some people who have used the readings of today, apocalyptic readings, to bring a lot of fear in the lives of other people and we are aware of certain churches that have been started and are based on fear,” he said. “They plant seeds of fear in the people so that people believe. You shouldn’t believe in God because you are afraid, you shouldn’t believe in God because you have fear. You should believe in God because He is worthy to be believed.”

Fr Phiri said when Christians go through difficulties that’s the time they needed to prove their faith.

“When we go through difficulties, when we go through chaos in our lives, it’s a time when we have to prove our faith. It’s a time when I have to witness to the Gospel values. In a time most especially in my time of weakness and temptation that’s the time when I have to prove my
salt that I am a strong Christian. I shouldn’t bend to false prophecies,” he said.

Fr Phiri said there were some people that had started churches based on fear.

“When you read other apocalyptic writings, the message is very simple that even if you go through tribulations and difficulties, even if you go through despair, challenges, you go through experiences of weaknesses, keep in mind that God rules, that’s the message,” he said.

“Even if you go through difficult situations, even if you go through unexplainable situations, even if you suffer unjust difficulties, keep in mind that God rules.”

Fr Phiri said all evil that people experienced was temporary.

“Problems have a lifespan but the reign of God is eternal, you keep that in mind. Don’t lose track of that because most of us when we go through difficulties, challenging situations, we easily raise our hands and give up. But the message which we are getting today is never lose your focus on God. The reign of evil is temporary,” said Fr Phiri.

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