Leaders make the mistake of thinking they know it all – Kalembo

PILGRIM Wesleyan Church national superintendent Bishop Alfred Kalembo says majority of those chosen to leadership positions make the mistake of thinking that they know everything. Ordaining Reverend Philige Moono as new Choma district PWC overseer on Sunday, Bishop Kalembo said an effective leader had time to ask about the current situation of people they lead and how they felt about their leadership.

“Majority of those chosen to leadership positions make the mistake of thinking that they know everything and cannot heed to advice from others. People know their situation hence the importance for leaders to always seek audience with their people,” Bishop Kalembo said.

He said there was wisdom in asking people about how they were feeling. Bishop Kalembo said it was important for leaders to know that isolating themselves from the people had repercussions. He said stakeholders could either fulfil or frustrate a leader’s vision hence the need to respect and consult them. Bishop Kalembo, who quoted the book of Nehemiah throughout his sermon, described an effective leader as one who identified others in authority and worked with them in harmony to achieve their goals. He challenged leaders not only to depend on what they heard but also to physically inspect works themselves.

“It’s unfortunate that most times leaders receive information that is not true and they act on it but the best way is to keep engaging their people to do the right thing,” said Bishop Kalembo.

Choma district commissioner Sheena Muleya urged the church not to relent in praying for peace, harmony and love to continue prevailing in the country. She said government appreciates the partnership with the church because without it Zambia could not be a better place. Muleya said there was need to encourage more partnerships in the country to make things work for the betterment of the nation.

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