Why are they not arresting, prosecuting Kambwili for calling Lungu a thief, pompwe?

Chishimba Kambwili has for a long time been taunting Edgar Lungu to prosecute him for calling the President a thief. But no one seems ready to arrest and prosecute Kambwili for defamation of the President.

Police are usually very quick to arrest anyone who insults or defames the President. Why are they not moving with the same tenacity on Kambwili for defamation of the President? Kambwili has continued to dare Edgar to institute legal redress if indeed he is not corrupt and a thief.

Addressing residents of Solwezi at Kyawama Market last week, Kambwili said Edgar cannot sue him over his statement that he was corrupt and a thief because it was true.

Kambwili wondered why Edgar and his ministers could not learn from what happened to former presidents Frederick Chiluba and Rupiah Banda, who were dragged to court for corruption.

“They have turned this country into a money making venture…the current leadership of the Patriotic Front as far as corruption is concerned. The whole essence of referring to history is to discard bad practices and learn good practices. What happened to Frederick Chiluba, what happened to Rupiah Banda should have been a lesson enough to these current ministers, including His Excellency President Edgar Lungu. The corruption they are involved in, right from the top, from presidential aides, ministers and by the way, this new financial regulation they are boasting about that it would now improve the corruption status in Zambia, does not extend to ministers…it only ends at permanent secretaries going down,” says Kambwili.

“But more often, permanent secretaries and directors are given illegal instructions by the ministers when they are doing their corrupt activities. The ministers don’t sign anywhere but they are given instructions. Even single sourcing like in the case of Star Times, it was given by President Edgar Lungu…he is the one who instructed the permanent secretary to single source but Lungu does not sign anywhere. So when it comes to punishment under the new financial regulations it only comes down to permanent secretaries and the head of finance in that ministry, it’s of no consequence because the biggest culprits to corruption are at ministerial level and State House. Look at the $4.3 million tollgate; I don’t think that was handled by permanent secretaries and officers below, that was handled by State House. We know that all the contracts that are given to AVIC are actually generated from State House through verbal instructions and you cannot trace the involvement of State House. What I am trying to say is that these people should have learnt lessons on how Chiluba suffered through that prosecution, how Rupiah Banda suffered, how [Daily Nation editor and Chiluba’s press aide] Richard Sakala was sent to prison…they seem not to learn but I can tell you that the prisons in 2021 after August will be full of politicians. You can rest assured, it will be full of politicians. It will be not business as usual where people are acquitted even when they are guilty. We will make sure that whoever has dipped in the treasury of the Zambian people into his pockets through whatever means will feel the weight of ‘imbwili’. First and foremost, we will grab all their buildings using the law. We know which buildings they have built, we know the properties they own in South Africa, we know the ones they own in Dubai, we know the properties they own in Uganda…all those they will have to account, they will tell us where they got the money from. And for the marketeers who are being empowered with this illegal money, it’s luck for them but whoever is empowering them through stolen money will have to go in. President Lungu has failed to sue over what I say that he is a thief and a pompwe. If he is not, let him take me to court, niba pompwe munshibila nsala (he is a thief, who doesn’t steal because he is hungry).”

Are we being ruled by a group of people who are basically thieves?

We are hoping that one day Zambians will get a leadership that is true, a leadership of people who will work for the people.

Indeed, it seems we are being ruled by a group of people who are basically thieves. People are making a lot of money for simply being in government or being associated with those in government. They are in government not to serve anyone but to enrich themselves. Look at how Edgar has become rich in the very short period he has been President! Look at how rich those around him have become in this same short period!

What has made this possible?

Why were they struggling financially and otherwise before getting into government?

What are their salaries from government?

Can one become that rich on those salaries?

The answer is a categorical no.

If they have not become rich as a result of their salaries, where has that wealth come from? It is from abuse of public office, bribes, corruption, stealing.

Where else can that type of money come from? Gifts from well-wishers!

Where were those well-wishers before they got into government? Why wasn’t Edgar a recipient of such huge cash gifts before he became President? These are not gifts; they are bribes. But bribes for what? They are bribes for government business. They are simply selling government business to the highest bidders. They are making money from selling the government’s fiscal policy. None of them can today be able to account for the wealth they have accumulated in this very short period from earned income. All they have is from unearned income. And unearned income is prima facie evidence of corruption.

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