Mongu, L/stone to have higher temperatures

MONGU and Livingstone are expected to record the highest temperatures both expected to reach 38 and 36 Degrees Celsius respectively today and tomorrow, the Zambia Meteorological Department has predicted.
According to a seven-day weather forecast, the ZMD said generally moist and unstable airflow from the North-West (Congo air) was affecting the
northern half of Zambia while the southern half would be under an airflow from the north-east, resulting into rainfall activities over most parts of the country.
The ZMD added that from November 22nd to 26th  all areas of the country would be under the influence of moist and unstable Congo air leading to cloudy weather with showers and thunderstorms.
On forecasts for maximum and minimum temperatures, the ZMD predicated that Livingstone and Mongu were both to register maximum temperatures of 38 ˚C and 36 ˚C on Tuesday November 21 and Wednesday November 22
respectively, while Chipata would to record temperatures of 35˚C on November 21st and 33˚C on November 22nd.
Other areas would have maximum temperatures in ˚C are: Choma 33 for November 21
and 31 for Wednesday November 22, while Kabwe will have records of 34 and 32 on November 21 and 22nd respectively.
Kasama was to have 32 on November 21st and 31˚C on November 22nd.
The ZMD revealed that for the detailed forecast from November 22 to 26th most areas of the country were expected to be cloudy and warm
with a chance of rain in the morning, becoming hot with showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon.
“The nights will be mostly cloudy with a likelihood of rain and thunderstorm,” revealed the ZMD.

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