No need for fragmentation in teaching sector, says Bubala


ZAMBIA National Union of Teachers secretary general Newman Bubala says there is no need for a fragmented union leadership in the teaching sector. In an interview on Friday, Bubala also announced the election of Jameson Kasisi as new ZNUT president. Kasisi beat incumbent Beard Mwanza by 11 votes to become ZNUT leader. At the close of the 11th quadrennial congress at New Fairmount Hotel, Bubala said negotiations to merge all the five teachers unions had progressed.

“We have made a lot of progress to merge the unions and the name of the new union is there and the structures are there,” he said. “It should not be an issue of who will be who in the new teachers’ union but the institution must be there more than individuals’ interests.”

Bubala said the union would target to grow its membership, especially from among private and community schoolteachers that have employed government teachers. On the elections, Lubala said the new leader, Kasisi, served as Northern Province secretary.

“The position of president was contested by Jameson Kasisi, then I was unopposed, the other two deputies were also unopposed, the vice-president Mr Brian Manyando was also unopposed. As for the trustees we need four but five contested,” he said. “The results are that there is a new president, Mr Jameson Kasisi. There is Catherine Chinunda and David Banda, who are my deputies. Then there are trustees namely, Petrina Sinyiza, Elijah Chisengo, Joyce Zimba, and Edith Masheke.”

Bubala said Kasisi polled 71 votes against Beard Mwanza’s 60. He said for trustees, Sinyinza polled 114 votes while Chisengo, Zimba and Masheke polled 104, 98 and 95 respectively.

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