Man has become a danger to the eco-system, laments Rev Chikoya

MAN has become a danger to nature, says Council of Churches in Zambia general secretary Reverend Emmanuel Chikoya.

Addressing congregants from different church denominations during an ecumenical prayer service on creation at Chawama Catholic Church in Lusaka organised by the three church mother bodies on Saturday, Rev Chikoya said there was something wrong with people’s mindsets and attitudes towards caring for nature and hygiene.

“We have destroyed God’s creation. We must be concerned with the environment because it has spoken to us. Wake up child of God and make an impact in your immediate environment. God has given us good things and he expects us to be good stewards because it is our spiritual duty to take care of nature,” he said.

“May God forgive us for being careless and harmful to nature because not only theft and lying are sins in the eyes of God, let us repent and change for the better. We are part of the problem, let us be part of the solution. What we need are not military soldiers but Christian soldiers to stand up and bring about the needed change.”

Rev Chikoya called urged people to care for nature and bring glory to God’s name.

“Cholera is not a demon, it’s a problem of hygiene which we bring upon ourselves with carelessness. We must begin to do something about our hygiene and nature to bring about glory to the name of the lord,” he said.

“I hope there won’t be any God fearing and loving person that will be careless. Start with your home, let it be Godly by making it clean not va boma iyanganepo (the government should take responsibility).”

Rev Chikoya said human beings were damaging God’s perfect creation and had become a danger to nature.

“Something is wrong with your mindset and my mindset and attitude and we need to change for the better. May God help us to take care of his creation.  The creation is awesome but we are damaging it and God is concerned about his creation. One day He will ask us I gave you my world, what did you do to it? Salvation won’t be about the size of your bible but the change you left here on earth,” he said.

“Man and woman have become a danger to the eco-system because of the destructive practices we engage in. A God loving person should not destroy the environment but use it to bring glory to the name of God. Our parents had no technology, not even an Ipad but they took better care of the environment.”

The service was preceded by a tree planting ceremony and the money collected from the service would be used for cleaning up Chawama township.

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