Kambwili will reap what he sows, says Chanda

(By Charles Tembo in Luanshya)

PF Copperbelt youth chairman Nathan Chanda has asked Roan member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili to stop insulting President Edgar Lungu. And Chanda says if Kambwili is sowing seeds of hate speech, violence and bad behaviour, he will reap what he is sowing. On Saturday, PF cadres stormed a consultative meeting at Luanshya Copper Mines which was attended by State House special assistant for project implementation, Andrew Chellah, Mines Minister Richard Musukwa, Copperbelt minister Japhen Mwakalombe, Luanshya district commissioner Joel Chibuye and Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda demanding that Kambwili leaves the meeting.

The cadres stressed that Kambwili could not attend a meeting that was delegated by President Edgar Lungu whom he was “insulting”.

The cadres insulted Kambwili in full view of Chellah, Musukwa, Mwakalombe, Chibuye and Chanda. Efforts by Musukwa to reason with the cadres were received with total resistance.

“Ba district, these are your people, please can we have order,” Musukwa told Luanshya District PF chairman, a Mr Siwale.

But Siwale said he had no control over the youths because they were from the province. Musukwa, police officers and other government officials, saved Kambwili from the cadres that were becoming uncompromising. Kambwili, who did not utter a word, was later seen being escorted out of the meeting and the mine offices. During a press briefing at his residence on Sunday, Kambwili accused Chanda of having sent the PF security to cause “little” confusion to scare him.

“Let me tell you, Kambwili is not scared. By the way, I was not intimidated in any way, those are just a small group of the so called PF security; that boy Kalemba and his friends. But these boys were sent by this boy the Luanshya mayor Nathan Chanda. He does not even deserve to be mayor but a street boy,” Kambwili said.

But Chanda declined to comment on the allegation that he had sent the cadres to harass and hound him out of the meeting at Luanshya Mine.

“He should understand that provocation bleeds violence. Let him be sober in his language, especially now that we are going into the national dialogue. But if honorable Kambwili is planting seeds of bitterness, hurt, insults and bad behavior, he will meet the results of his conduct. My youths will remain peaceful and defend President Edgar Lungu all the way,” said Chanda.

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