Accountant files for divorce, cites Zed farmer Zaloumis

LUSAKA accountant Mubaba Mangilashi has filed in the High Court a petition to divorce, citing Zed farmer Maria Zaloumis. In a petition for dissolution of marriage, Mubaba wants the court to dissolve her marriage of almost 10 years to businessman Justin Phiri on grounds, among others that he has committed adultery with Maria. Mubaba stated that her marriage had broken down irretrievably as she personally found her husband and Maria engaged in a sexual manner when she peeped through the bedroom window of the latter’s house when she went to pick up her daughter’s clothes.

She stated that her husband had behaved in such a way that she could not reasonably be expected to live with him, adding that he committed adultery which she could not tolerate. She added that the couple last lived together at flat number four, Buboni Villas in Roma Park in Lusaka and that her husband left the matrimonial home in June this year for no apparent reason.

Mubaba also stated that her husband has been unloving for along time, uncaring and violent towards her. She added that he does not attend to her needs and does not buy groceries and other necessities for the child of the family. She further stated that Phiri had been selling property accrued during the subsistence of the marriage without her consent or knowledge and does not share the proceeds with her.

Mubaba explained that one day she went to collect her daughter’s clothes from Maria’s house and she found her husband’s car parked there. She stated that to her dismay, her husband and Maria did not open the door upon realising it was her and that it was at that point that she peeped through Maria’s bedroom window and saw them engaged in a sexual manner.

Mubaba also stated that Maria called the police and upon her coming out of the house, she slapped her because she could not hold her emotional, which resulted in a physical engagement.

She stated that she had gone through a series of court process for assault but the case has since been dropped.

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