Desist from tribal remarks, Halwabala urges Lungu

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu is at the helm of promoting tribalism in Zambia, says UPND official Neto Halwabala.

President Lungu is quoted as having said the recent PF defeat in Petauke to the opposition UPND in a local government by-election was a sign that the people there don’t agree with him.

“It is always heart-warming to be here in Northern Province, especially that this is the stronghold for PF. PF is a political party I belong to, and that’s where I am president, so when I am here I feel very
much at home, unlike Petauke district,” said President Lungu. “Of course, Petauke that’s where my mother and father come from, but they don’t seem to agree with us, they are voting against us.”

But Halwabala, the Southern Province deputy information secretary, said President Lungu’s statement was regrettable as it had the potential to divide the nation.

“Zambians must now know that Edgar Lungu is at the helm of promoting tribalism in the country. This is evident by what he said in Northern Province recently that he never expected people from his home village in Petauke to vote against his own party,” he said. “It can further be described as an assault on our motto of One Zambia One Nation. Zambia is a unitary state and the people must not be divided by politicians.”

Halwabala said President Lungu’s statements were always taken as PF’s policies.

He said whatever President Lungu says, at any point, must be in line with promoting national unity.

“As UPND in Southern Province, we wish to congratulate the people of Petauke District for openly refusing those who want to divide the nation. In 1991 general elections, the people of Zambia gave Dr Frederick Chiluba 100 per cent votes across the country because they believed in One Zambia One People,” said Halwabala. “The MMD continued to receive massive votes until people realised that it no longer had vibrant ideas to sustain the economy, not because it was tribal. We wish to advise Mr Lungu to desist from issuing tribal remarks and concentrate on improving the livelihood of the people. The Zambians are waiting for a message of hope and better life.”

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