Don’t be cowards, talk when things are bad – Malunga

ALL sporting disciplines should work together for the sake of developing the country, says Oriental Quarries Boxing Promotions manager Chris Malunga.

Malunga says Zambians should not be cowards but should start speaking out when they see that things are not going right.
He said it was time for people to put their heads together and push for one agenda.
“We need to work together as one for the benefit of this country, to make sure that we lessen these wrangles. It’s not time for us to fight each other; it’s time for us to put our hands together, including those in other sports organisations. I personally have a good working relationship with these other sporting disciplines such as karate, football, and the rest. They give me such support, why can’t we [in boxing] work together?” Malunga said when he featured on the Lusaka Star programme on UNZA Radio yesterday.
“We are all affected indirectly or directly, let us just follow the right procedure in dealing with these issues with National Sports Council of Zambia. I appeal to everyone, don’t fear to comment because it is healthy when people comment, you pick issues and lessons from their comments. Don’t be cowards Zambians, when things are bad, come out and talk. I won’t be a coward to fear because Mr Mubita has said we should not comment.”

Malunga was commenting on the wrangles that have rocked Zambia Boxing Federation (ZBF) in the recent past where a number of executive members have been suspended and banned for various offences by president Charles Mubita who also asked members not to comment on his statements.

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