2018 has been a disaster – Mukuni

CHIEF Mukuni says 2018 will be remembered as a disaster as corruption permeated all government institutions, including the judiciary. He said during the year, Zambia was also turned into a police state by the PF government. Chief Mukuni of Kazungula district said on the other hand, 2018 would be remembered as the year Zambians came to know that PF leaders were stealing state resources with impunity.

“If we retain the PF in government in 2021, it will be terrible for Zambians and posterity will never forgive us. This is so because in 2018 I realised how terrible it was to be under the PF leadership and I am sure that many Zambians feel the same,” he said.

“Zambia in 2018 turned into a police state and I hope that 2019 will not be a repeat of 2018.

It’s [2018] a disaster as we came to realise that corruption permeated all government institutions including the judiciary.”

Mukuni said the judiciary had become corrupt as evidenced by some recent judgments.

“The adjudication of some cases in court recently was a sign of how corruption had eaten into the judicial fabric, which is supposed to be the saviour of all Zambians regardless of their wealth, political standing or indeed tribe,” he said.

“We saw corruption at its best through these judgments.”

Mukuni further said the manner in which National Democratic Congress (NDC) consultant and Roan PF member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili was recently arrested in Lusaka and conveyed to Luanshya was a clear sign of how the police service was being abused by the PF government.


“The police were armed to the teeth and the way they treated him from Lusaka all the way to Luanshya was as if they had arrested a military rebel leader or a guerrilla fighter,” said Mukuni.

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