Nothing is permanent in this world – Fr Sakala


SAINT Anne’s Cathedral Parish priest Father Christopher Sakala says placing hope in worldly things may lead to disappointment because nothing in the world is permanent. In his sermon during mass at Chipata’s St Anne’s Cathedral on Sunday, Fr Sakala said everything in the world was passing away.

“Nothing is permanent in this world. This world we are living in and everything in it is passing. Even our life, even our bodies are passing and if we place our hope on things in this world, my brothers and sisters in Christ, we’ll surely be disappointed,” he said.

Fr Sakala said sometimes people become too absorbed with pleasure and luxury.

“Our Lord is saying we need to be alert, we need to be watchful, we need to prepare ourselves. How do we prepare for the birthday of Jesus Christ in this season of Advent?” he asked.

Fr Sakala said the best preparation for the birth of Christ was to be prayerful. He said some people become kind during the Christmas season by giving gifts to others.
“Proper preparation for Christmas, for the birth of Jesus Christ, should ask us to sacrifice out of love. The real preparation for Christmas should be spiritual. Real preparation should concern our souls, our relationship with God, we are all encouraged to go for the sacrament of penance,” he said.
Fr Sakala urged Christians to reconcile with God and those they have offended.

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