We can’t continue with catastrophic PF – Kalaba


DEMOCRATIC Party 2021 presidential candidate Harry Kalaba says no part of Zambia should remain aloof in preparing to vote out the “catastrophic” PF administration in the next general elections. Speaking on a special interview programme on Lukulu Community Radio on Sunday evening, Kalaba told the people of Western Province to be part of those who would vote out the PF in 2021. Kalaba said because of poor governance, Lukulu, which sits on the banks of the Zambezi River, had no tourism to its name.

“Tell me how the tourism industry is thriving in Lukulu. Nothing! So I’m saying Western Province cannot sit behind [when] the whole of Zambia is sitting up and saying ‘we can’t continue with the current catastrophic administration of the Patriotic Front,’” Kalaba said.

“They (Zambians) have to put an end to this administration in 2021. So, Lukulu must be a part and parcel of what will be happening in 2021.”

The Bahati PF member of parliament indicated that he believed that when president Michael Sata died in October 2014, the developmental aspirations of the ruling party collapsed.

Kalaba said the current leadership of the PF was insisting on promoting issues that were “quite alien to us as Zambians.”

“On the 2nd of January when I resigned, I was very clear that the PF has embarked on corrupt activities,” he said.

Kalaba also called Mitete UPND member of parliament Misheck Mutelo a patriot who relentlessly lobbied for the rehabilitation of the 190 kilometre Katunda-Lukulu stretch.

“Honourable Misheck Mutelo always in Parliament talks about the Katunda-Lukulu road. When you are a Minister of Foreign Affairs, you cannot come and start inspecting the Katunda-Lukulu road. I had no chance of doing that but I sympathise with Mutelo and that’s why I have even come,” he said.

“I have come not because there are elections tomorrow; I have come three years before the elections because I want to appreciate the challenges of Lukulu.”

And Kalaba said he wanted to know Zambia properly.

“Yes, as a deputy minister in the Office of the Vice-President, as a minister I did move. But I’m taking Zambia seriously. I’m basically making a proposal to Zambia; I have fallen in love with the country and I’m trying to make the country fall in love with me. So that’s why I’m in Lukulu,” he said.

Kalaba added that if resigning as foreign affairs minister was a catastrophic mistake that would wipe him off the political landscape of the country, he was ready for that “than continue being a minister in a government when things are not correct.”

“I would rather walk alone in darkness when I’m right than walk in light with 5,000 people who are wrong. I stand on terra firma [firm ground] that this country cannot continue on this path. We are destroying ourselves,” he said.

Kalaba further pledged that the DP in government would place Zambians at the epicentre of governance.

“I want our civil servants anywhere in Zambia to feel that they are appreciated. We want them to understand that when one renders service, they have to retire in dignity,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kalaba said Zambia was one of the countries that lacked a clear plan on youth empowerment.

“What kind of a country are we? We should begin to empower the youths, either in cooperatives or in their individual capacities,” advised Kalaba.

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