Zambia head for doom, says Hamusonde

POLITICALLY Zambia is headed for doom, says chief Hamusonde.

In an interview, Hamusonde of Bweengwa said if political leaders don’t meet to dialogue, 2019 would be worse than this year.

Hamusonde said only God knows which direction He was taking Zambia to, adding that politically the country was headed for doom.

He urged the Church to push politicians to dialogue for the sake of Zambia’s unity and stability.

“God is keeping us very well, but politically 2018 was not good and I hope it will not be the same in 2019,” said Hamusonde.

“However, 2019 stability politically is dependent on dialogue and the Church must take the lead and chair this important aspect for peace and unity. What is happening currently is not good because everybody is suffering from hunger, and God has punished us further because by now my people have not even planted any seed. It is dry and there are no signs of rains. But God knows what He has for us, He is always caring and He will show us the way.”

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