LUNGU WILL GO BEYOND 2021…those still doubting wait and see what will happen, says PF MCC

(By Ben Mbangu in Pemba)

PF MEMBER of the central committee Kebby Mbewe says Zambia does not belong to politicians like Edgar Lungu, Hakainde Hichilema, Chishimba Kambwili and Mike Mulongoti but belongs to God who chooses leaders.

And Mbewe says, “those still doubting that Lungu will be President beyond 2021 wait and see what will happen.”

Addressing villagers at Siabunkululu area in Pemba where about 189 UPND and FDD members defected to the ruling party, Mbewe said Zambians must not accept to be divided by politics because they were one people.

“Zambia does not belong to politicians like President Edgar Lungu, Hakainde Hichilema and Chishimba Kambwili but belongs to God who chooses leaders,” he said. “This country has no owner, it belongs to God. It does not belong to Edgar Lungu, HH, Kambwili and Mulongoti. Whoever becomes President, let’s support them regardless of where they come from.”

Mbewe urged people to reject divisions across political lines and instead support those God chose to lead them.

He said there was no need for southerners to isolate themselves based on their political choice because President Lungu would still be Head of State even after 2021 as he commanded majority support from people owing to his firm Christian values and humbleness.


“Even if there is propaganda peddled against President Lungu, people of Zambia are still behind him. It doesn’t matter whether some Zambians keep arguing about his presidency in bars and all corners but I can assure you that nothing will happen to change things the way they are because the man will still be President even beyond 2021.This is why we are extending a hand to you people here that come and work with us because even in 2021 ECL will still be President. Those still doubting that Lungu will not be President beyond 2021 wait and see what will happen,”

Mbewe said.

“God has a way of apportioning things to us human beings no wonder others will only be rich while others will be presidents and there is nothing we can do about it because it’s the will of God. No one can have both blessings because it can be a tragic.”

Mbewe said no amount of propaganda would stop President Lungu from ruling the country beyond 2021 hence the need for people in Southern Province to just consider working with him in developing the nation.

“Us Southerners are lagging behind because of our way of choosing leaders blindly hence we need to work with the government of the day because supporting the opposition is making ourselves and our people hungry,” Mbewe said.

He said those criticising President Lungu’s leadership were not sincere because it was not possible that a leader could only be making mistakes in his entire five-year-term without doing anything good.

Mbewe said every leader had a heart for their people contrary to assertions that the PF had neglected the people. He accused the UPND lawmakers of making people of Southern Province hungry owing to their refusal and failure to work as well as to lobby for development from government for their constituencies. Mbewe said without the MPs working with the government of the day no tangible development could take place.

“Your friendship with your MPs ended after voting for them and now they are only enjoying air conditioned offices in Lusaka and you the voters will only see them again in 2021 when they will be coming to canvas for votes. That’s why now in the next general elections let’s not remain behind,” he said.

He said as a member of the PF central committee, he would continue visiting the province to appreciate people’s challenges rather than adopting the UPND parliamentarians’ style of only going to the people during election period.

Mbewe urged the defectors to feel free and support President Lungu’s efforts in developing the country.

He boasted that PF was the only administration that had managed to put up solar hammer mills in rural areas across the country.

“UPND MPs are just drinking tea in Lusaka and sitting in air-conditioned offices while you here you drink chibwantu (sweet beer) and when it will be elections period, you will see them coming back telling you that forward, forward,” said Mbewe.

And speaking on behalf of the defectors, Zia Mulongo from FDD said the decision was in the best interest of the district. Mulongo lost in ward elections in 2016.

“We want to see development coming to Pemba, no wonder we have decided to work with the government of the day,” said Mulongo.

Senior headman Sianyuka, who was among the 13 headmen that joined other defectors, said they wanted help from government such as bicycles to enable them execute their duties diligently. Meanwhile, Pemba district commissioner Reginald Mugoba urged people to appreciate efforts the government was making to develop the district.

Mugoba said other successful governments failed to initiate development in Pemba, let alone declaring it as a district.

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  1. samlindo

    December 7, 2018 at 2:37 pm

    Of course presidency can be extended by PF through its political party and he can go for as long as PF desires, what we are talking about here is national presidency which we the people of Zambia are going to decide. so for PF presidency, that is a prerogative of PF he can even be life PF president.

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