Kananda is new Zanaco FC GM

IN conformity with the Club licensing process, Zanaco Football Club have employed renowned sports administrator Marlon Kananda as the team’s general manager. Kananda, who has been Southern Africa Supersport operations manager, brings with him a wealth of experience to the Lusaka based Super League team. According to a source close to Zanaco, Kananda will assume office this week ahead of the 2019 Super League.

Zanaco chairman Edward Mutale said the club has been talking to Kananda over the idea. He said in line with FIFA’s guidelines on club licensing, the Zanaco FC have been talking to Kananda but was not sure if he has signed the contract yet.

“As far as I concerned we are still talking about it.. because Marlon is being considered for the General Manager position. Remember we did advertise for that position. The club in terms of management side, we have been running it under the old plan, having the executive, people were part time but the idea of bringing Marlon as a General Manager is in line with Club licensing requirement of having people to run the club on a full time basis, a professional basis. I am giving a background, that’s what is happening but I don’t want to comment on it,” Mutale said.

“I am aware that is happening but as to whether he has now signed the full contract, been introduced as general Manager, that I am not aware of. But you are right he is being considered…. If he has already signed I am not aware about it. I am aware that he had left Supersport and if all background official ties have been done so that we introduce him, I am not sure.”

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