Ala leadership yamu Zambia kukosa, says Fr Chonde

(By Charles Tembo in Chililabombwe)

CHILILABOMBWE’S St Pius Lubengele Catholic Church priest Reverend Fr Chalwe Chonde says Zambians are yearning for a President that will speak for and listen to the people.

Fr Chonde also told Democratic Party 2021 presidential candidate Harry Kalaba that Zambia is preparing a new, sober-minded leader.

In his homily yesterday, Fr Chonde said Zambians were looking for justice and peace.

“The people of Zambia are not difficult. They need someone to understand them. They need a leader who will be practical and down to the will of the people, a leader that is connected. We are yearning for leaders who can speak and act. What they say is what should be done on the ground. We are praying for leaders that will draw nearer to State House with the fear of the Lord,” Fr Chonde said.

“Your political career will have a good standing if you live with God and in His presence. Our lives are a project. Don’t give up. There will one day come a president that will even employ dogs.”

He said Christians should not think stopping to vote would end their problems.

Fr Chonde said Zambia needed leadership that would end corruption and injustice.

“Some of us even say we stop voting because of disappointment, voting for Ba Sata bafwa (dies) ba Mwanawasa bafwa, he dies; don’t give up, continue voting, one day we will have a leader that will meet the needs of the people,” he said.

“We are in a world full of corruption, injustices and abuse, but we have a world that is coming of peace and justice to all. We need a president who will love the people of Zambia, give the people justice and peace, a president who must rule for the people,” he said.

Fr Chonde told Kalaba that he should be prepared to go to prison in his effort to liberate Zambia.

“Harry kalaba, I’m telling you, you will pass through disappointment, you want to have a rally, they stop you while they have their meetings. Ala leadership yamu Zambia kukosa, even in prison where there is lice, go. You will go through challenges but never give up. As we wait for a president to give us the cake, we are also waiting for our Lord Jesus Christ,” Fr Chonde said.

“You are coming to a Church where Catholics arrive united. It is important to connect yourself in this community. We have the confidence that Zambia is preparing a new leader, sober minded, full of energy, and a powerful record.”

And Kalaba said he was pleased to have connected with the Catholic Church in Chililabombwe.

And on Saturday, Kalaba attended a church building promotion service for Buyantashi Seventh Day Adventist Church in Kalulushi.

During the promotion service, Kalaba pledged K10,000 towards the construction of the Church structure.

Kalaba said the SDA Church had continued to preach peace and goodwill to the people.

“I’m happy to be here and worship with the people. Pray for us as leaders and that we should work together and build this church of God. The work of the church, especially the SDA, has been unquestionable over the years. The Church has run hospitals, schools. You are the source of hope where people have lost hope. You fed the hungry and clothed the naked, given shelter to the homeless. You have done it because it is what the gospel wants you to do,” said Kalaba.

“It is our duty and capable responsibility to make a difference in our country. The Church carries the prophetic and evangelical word. Continue praying for me. I am only human, pray for me. Even as you build this Church we want to be part of this blessing. This blessing, we contribute K10,000 for the building of the church.”

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