Can Lungu’s corrupt regime fight corruption?

Edgar Lungu has no shame – he is really shameless.
Of all people, how can Edgar say “the consequences of corruption are too ghastly”.
“This is not time for hypocrisy [but] it’s time to address the issue of corruption. Corruption is recognised globally as one of the biggest threats to attaining sustainable development goals,” says Edgar. “My government continues to prioritise the fight against corruption, with the knowledge that without dealing with this problem our numerous development programmes will be jeopardised. Corruption robs the country of its wealth and developmental prospects. Perpetrators of corruption will face the full wrath of the law, regardless of their status in society. This is not mere rhetoric [but] real words coming from my heart and the heart of our government – no one is above the law. But let me emphasise that we will not politicise the fight against corruption. We have reached a stage where people admire criminals! We have reached a stage where people say ‘I wish I was like that man’ regardless of how he acquired his wealth…Turning to efforts being made by our country, my government continues to prioritise the fight against corruption with the knowledge that without dealing with this problem, our numerous developmental projects will be jeopardised. The prosperity of our nation and our people is top on government’s agenda hence we will continue to implement policies and strategies aimed at uplifting the livelihood of our people. Fighting this scourge is of greater importance as corruption robs the country of its wealth and development prospects. It is heartbreaking to see the levels of abuse and embezzlement being revealed in the auditor-general’s report each year. Colossal sums of funds go missing from institutions every year because some public officers have taken it upon themselves to milk public resources for their own selfish benefit. I want to see these erring officers punished and the stolen funds recovered. I therefore challenge our law enforcement institutions to intensify their efforts in this regard, collaborate with each other and deal with these matters swiftly to avoid loss of public funds. We are on a path to economic prosperity and we will not allow corrupt elements to derail us from this trajectory. Institutions, both public and private, let us do more. The media let us use our pens, cameras, microphones and all necessary tools to do more. Let us all do more, even at individual level. The fight against corruption begins with me, it begins with you. Are you doing enough? Do you reject corruption and report it to necessary authorities? Or are you that person who only complains about corruption and does nothing about it? What more can you do? That is the challenge I pose to you today. Let us all unite against corruption, for the attainment of the much desired corruption-free Zambia.”
Is this Edgar speaking?
Very nice, but empty words! Edgar’s heart is in defending corruption and not in fighting it.
How can a man who has failed to explain the source of his sudden wealth expected to champion the fight against corruption?
Having unearned or unexplained income points to corruption. And there’s a clear prima facie case of corruption against him.
Edgar has been accused by Chishimba Kambwili of being corrupt. But nothing has been done to Kambwili. Why? Kambwili has been taunting him to arrest him over this accusation. But it seems Edgar can’t dare to do so. Why?
Certainly, these are not Edgar’s words. They were written for him by some speechwriters.
Edgar is surrounded by corruption, governs and lives by and with corruption. Without corruption Edgar’s government collapses. There’s no state institution that Edgar has not corrupted to enable him stay in power.
What we must realise is that there’s no one who says, ‘Support me, vote for me because I am corrupt.’ Not even the most corrupt regime admits it’s corrupt.
Corruption is like ubuchende, no one admits it. All try to play hypocrisy about it.
And which institutions is Edgar going to use to fight corruption? He has compromised and destroyed the Anti-Corruption Commission, the Drug Enforcement Commission, the police and the courts – the key institutions he needs to fight graft.
And what zero tolerance against corruption can Edgar talk about? This is a man who is not ashamed to publicly tell his minions that uubomba mwibala alila mwibala! This is a leader who publicly tells the nation you can steal but leave a bit for seed – kushako imbuto!
When Edgar talks of fighting corruption, he is probably talking of fighting his political opponents. And we can see how he is using the Anti-Corruption Commission, the Drug Enforcement Commission, the police and the courts to fight his battles against Kambwili! For Edgar that is fighting corruption!

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