I feel nice to come back home – Mumba Yachi

MUMBA Yachi says things that he did in the past must remain in the past. And Yachi says he feels privileged to meet the law that corrected him. Speaking on arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka yesterday, Yachi said he was happy to “come back home”.

The singer flew into Lusaka from Ndola where he had travelled by road from Mukambo Border Post in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mumba Yachi was deported to the Democratic Republic Congo last year after pleading guilty to illegally staying in Zambia.

“It was quite a very good experience and I feel nice to come back home. And I feel grateful for being given a second chance by government. So I am very much thankful and grateful to the people of Zambia for the support; my family and my fans that I call majesty for a reason, thank you very much for your support. My friends, my manager here (Mwila Mutale). I now need to change her name to ‘madam everything is possible’. I feel so grateful to be given a second chance to come back home,” an elated Yachi said, while receiving warm greetings from airport staff.

He said life was about ups and downs and that it was about making mistakes and being willing to repair them.

“Everything that I did in the past must remain in the past. I need to be a very good citizen, a law-abiding citizen…. I feel so privileged to meet the law. You know, meet the law and the law corrects you. I feel like I am so privileged in life. Life is about ups and downs. It is about making mistakes and willing to repair them. And I feel so grateful about that.”

And Mutale said she was happy that Zambian authority had given her client a second chance. She thanked the fans and the Zambian government for the gesture.

“We just need to thank everybody that has supported us from the legal team, to ‘the majesties’, the authority to give him a second chance,” she said.

Yachi’s publisher Jacobs Hoff and Lutanda Management Agency creative director Mickley Banda were also on hand to receive the celebrated folk artiste at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport.

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