Let’s work together and see how it goes, chieftainess Mufwaya tells Kalaba

(By Chambwa Moonga in Samfya)

YOU should come and offer solutions to the many national problems; come and lead this nation, sub-chieftainess Mushili Mufwaya of Samfya district has told Harry Kalaba. Kalaba, the Democratic Party 2021 presidential candidate, was in Samfya’s Pwele area where he was welcomed by a huge crowd on Friday. Before speaking to the crowd, Kalaba, the Bahati PF member of parliament, went in a meeting with sub-chieftainess Mushili Mufwaya of the Kabende-speaking people.

The traditional leader told Kalaba that: “You have seen for yourself the social hardships which people here face.”

“You should come and offer solutions to the many national problems, come and lead this nation. I and my people have welcomed you here wholeheartedly and it’s now up to you. You are relatively young but that is of little consequence because even someone younger can still lead adults,” said Mushili Mufwaya.

“Your ‘old age’ is anchored on academic qualifications. If you pay attention to people’s daily pleas, your leadership will succeed. Let’s work together and see how it goes.”

In his brief remarks, Kalaba requested that the DP, under his leadership, be given a chance in 2021 to form government.

“Thank you for your kind and supportive remarks. I pray that God keeps you and I request that you grant us a chance in 2021 so that we can see how we can work for our people than just talking. This is our country and we must ensure its progress,” Kalaba said.

And addressing hundreds of his blissful supporters, Kalaba, apparently overwhelmed by the turn out, said government leaders were voted for by ordinary citizens and that the same voters had electoral power to remove such leaders from their offices.

“It’s you who put leaders there and it’s you, again, who recall them. For that reason, I want to let you know that you and me will work together in 2021 when it’s campaign time. I will come back here,” indicated Kalaba.

“Let us work together so that our place…. Health centres, the road from Milenge turn-off to Pwele area and agriculture, which are all broken, can be restored. Let’s work hand in hand. I have been approached by the Democratic Party to stand on its ticket in 2021 and with your consent, I will go for it.”

Kalaba was accompanied by DP national treasurer Justine Nkonge and former Bangweulu member of parliament Joseph Kasongo.

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