Put plight of Zambians above your political aspirations, Nguni tells opposition leaders

ZAMBIA is likely to slide into problems economically and socially if the opposition does not work together as a united front to remove PF from government, says Winnerson Ng’uni. In an interview, Ng’uni, who is UPND Southern Province secretary, said the opposition leaders needed to put the plight of the Zambians first above all their political aspirations.

“As far as we are concerned as UPND, the PF leader, Edgar Lungu, has failed the Zambian people, he is not worth calling a leader at all. He even personally admitted that he has no vision for this country and that is good enough to describe him as a failed leader and that is why we are in this current economic mess…. Considering what is happening in Zambia at present, it is clear that the opposition needs to work together as a united front to get rid of this failed leadership of PF and Lungu,” he said.

“If we don’t, this country is likely to continue [going] deeper into problems, thus we in the UPND support all calls for the opposition to unite and remove this country from its current social and economic problems,” Ng’uni said.

He added that there was no doubt that the PF had tremendously failed the country. Ng’uni said the PF leadership under President Lungu had failed Zambia at all fronts. He further indicated that it was a shame for Zambia to have such a leadership as that of the PF.

“The presidency is not a preserve of a particular tribe or region but it is a preserve for all Zambians…. It is with this realisation that there is need for us as Zambians to unite because it is only unity that can bring prosperity to Zambia. As of now, there is no way that the PF regime can do things better than what they have done,” Ng’uni said.

He appealed to opposition leaders outside the UPND to consider uniting for a common purpose using Hakainde Hichilema as a strongest opposition leader at the moment who is giving President Lungu sleepless nights.

“We have a good crop of leaders such as Chishimba Kambwili, Harry Kalaba and Elias Chipimo JR who can help bring change to this nation a desired by Zambians and unity is the switch plug,” said Ng’uni.

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