Lungu will see in 2021 if he doesn’t apologise for insulting Bembas, says Kambwili


LUNGU must apologise to the Bemba speaking people for insulting them that they are thieves, Chishimba Kambwili has demanded.

President Edgar Lungu’s remark during an Economics Association of Zambia event last week said he was looking at statistics that showed that out of 10 thieves, six are Bemba has brought him in the firing range.

“And we will not accept Sunday Chanda’s statement that the President was playing ichimbuya (traditional cousinship). There is no ichimbuya that is backed by State statistics. Lungu said he had been looking at the statistics and that out of 10 thieves, six are Bembas,” Kambwili said. “That cannot be ichimbuya. President Lungu must know that we shall go in the Bembaland and tell the Bembas that they have been insulted. We were insulted before by some leader in power, we took it lightly. This time Bembas have been taken for a ride for too long.”

He said Chanda’s damage control would not suffice because President Lungu meant to insult Bembas with impunity.

“And being Bemba myself, I feel so bad because the people who are stealing today are not Bembas. People who have accumulated K23m within a year from K2m are not Bembas, people who have built all over Lusaka are not Bembas, people who have built fuel stations, people who have built Casinos with money they have gotten when they are in power are not Bembas,” Kambwili said.

He said to say Bembas were thieves was an insult of the worst kind.

“And we need an apology. And Sunday Chanda is not President Lungu, we want an apology from President Lungu himself. I personally helped campaign for Lungu. I am not saying I am the only one who helped, but as a Bemba, I went round Bembaland to canvass votes for Lungu and I don’t think it’s fair for Lungu to start calling us thieves,” Kambwili said. “But we leave it to the people of Zambia to know who is a thief between the Bembas and those who have accumulated K23m, those who are running presidential empowerment funds with huge sums of money which they have never had since they were born, those who are supporting their campaign lavishly, those who have bought vehicles for almost all the constituencies without a proper source; those are the thieves, not the Bembas speaking people.”

He said the problem with President Lungu was that he seems to think after speaking “instead of thinking before you speak”.

“He is always thinking after he has made a pronouncement and he is a very rare human being in this universe. Look at what Nkurunzinza (Burundi President) has told him! His fellow President is laughing at him on the issue of the Chinese but him he is busy praising the Chinese, even calling them cockroaches, that they can survive, they are so resilient. And by the way, if you are likening those people to cockroaches, then they are bad people; who wants cockroaches in the house? Are you telling me you need cockroaches in your house, even justifying that they are resilient? You go and buy insect killer to kill them, and that’s what government is supposed to do, get insect killer and eliminate these cockroaches from our economic equation,” he said. “Eliminate those cockroaches getting title deeds when they are not Zambian, eliminate those cockroaches from doing businesses that are supposed to be done by Zambians. I have said Lungu is a disaster to this country and he can continue but to insult the Bembas, he will see in 2021 if he doesn’t apologise.”

Kambwili said he heard President Lungu say if someone succeeded one’s mother, they should be accepted and that if they do not then they are foolish.

“Nomba uyo wine wiso apyana banoko, elo bena baya bula abana basangile munganda babatamfya, baya bula abana abaletuka bawiso ebo ayamba ukulya nabo nokulya ifyuma fyaba wiso, nishi kwena te chipuba?” he asked. “Ni uyo wine wiso upyanine chipuba chikalamba (now the one who inherits your mother chases children he finds in the house and instead brings those who were insulting your father and they even eat your late father’s wealth, isn’t he the biggest fool?” said Kambwili.

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