Selfishness messing Zambia – Bishop Kalembo

PILGRIM Wesleyan Church national superintendent Bishop Alfred Kalembo says it will be difficult to see national development if those privileged in life continue embracing the spirit of selfishness. Handing over a five-hectare farm, borehole and a newly built house worth K200,000 to first and former PWC national superintendent Reverend Simon Siabbamba on Friday at Harmony settlement in Choma, Bishop Kalembo said Zambia was in a mess today because majority of the citizens were selfish.

“It will be difficult to see national development if those privileged in life continue embracing the spirit of selfishness,” he said.

Bishop Kalembo said most Zambians lacked the desire to see others have the best in life.

He said this was the reason why whoever had the privilege to be in an influential position concentrated on pocketing resources instead of helping others.

Bishop Kalembo urged Zambians to do away with the selfish attitude if the country was to develop.

He said only when people lived selfless lives would they open doors of help to others.

Bishop Kalembo said there was need for patriotism in the country and not greediness.

“We need to love our country and see it develop and not just to concentrate on individual development,” he said. “Let’s all realise that we only have one Zambia. Let’s not think and wait upon others to develop us when we can also do it if we stop the spirit of selfishness.”

Bishop Kalembo thanked the Church members and American donors for exhibiting the spirit of teamwork and unselfishness in their contribution towards the purchasing of the farm, building up of a house and drilling of a borehole for their retired man bishop.

He said teamwork meant recognising the value of others and not disregarding them.

And Bishop Kalembo said the young generation was not inspiring because it had embraced the spirit of consumerism.

He said all they wanted was to satisfy themselves, no wonder others were even used as political violence tools.

Bishop Kalembo challenged young people in the country to use their energy to help others and not to destroy themselves by indulging in vices that had potential to ruin their lives.

Meanwhile, Rev Siabbamba thanked the church and American donors for showing love to his family.

“We human beings have a tendency of buying expensive caskets to someone when they are dead as a way of appreciating them but what Bishop Kalembo has done through his inspirational leadership and his American partners is immeasurable,” said Rev Siabbamba. “I’m old now but they have decided to appreciate me while I’m still alive – a thing that is not common.”

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