LET’S STAND UP…and halt these dictators, says Bishop Chisala

WE can’t allow the poor to continue in misery because those in authority have opted to be stubborn, says All Nations Church Overseer Bishop Timothy Chisala.

He said dictators always create poverty among the people to perpetuate their stay in power.

“Let us stand up and stop these dictators that have emerged. They start by silencing and arresting citizen,” Bishop Chisala said in an interview yesterday.

He said power had corrupted those in authority.

“There is this trend in our leaders to always act in an arrogant and stubborn manner. This trend has continued and is causing a lot of misery on our people. But the Church should not allow this misery on our people to continue. We need to speak and defend the rights of our people,” Bishop Chisala said.
“A wrong is a wrong. No matter how much we want to beautify it, nothing will change; it will remain a wrong. Just like sin is sin. What is more painful is to see our people suffer in a country of abundance, a country of Zambia with plenty resources. Our people have endured enough. A leadership that does not care for the people is bad and evil.”

He said the government should be more responsive to the needs of the people.

Bishop Chisala said time was coming when those in authority would need the poor, suffering Zambians.

“As a Church, we should not let these political leaders take advantage of our poor people, those suffering. This leadership should take responsibility of the people. This arrogance we are seeing of pretending that all is well is very evil. People are suffering and these are facts. When we speak, we don’t just wake up and start making noise. We are speaking for the poor. We want this government to listen and address the sufferings of the poor,” he said.
“It is so unfortunate that today people can steal with impunity at the expense of the poor. Accepting that things are not well in our country helps to find a solution. Now arrogance has taken up leadership.”

Bishop Chisala said dictators had an attitude of perpetuating poverty.

“Look at the levels of poverty, this is what keeps dictators going. Violence is what keeps dictators going. Intimidation is what keeps them going. And we are seeing all this. Let us stand up and stop these dictators that have emerged. They start by silencing and arresting citizen.”

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