Judge Mweemba asks govt to improve prisons

HIGH Court Judge William Mweemba says government needs to put measures that ensure correctional facilities such as Chipata Central Correctional facility are improved.

Speaking at the close of the High Court criminal sessions in Chipata on Thursday, judge Mweemba said he was disappointed that the Chipata Central Prison had remained the same from the last time he was in Chipata.

“I was last here in October 2015. Between that time and now nothing has changed at the facility. The only change which is there is a medical facility which was put in place by a non-governmental
organisation, and not the government,” he said. “Government needs to put measures in place to ensure such facilities are improved.”

Judge Mweemba said he visited the facility during the time he was sitting in Chipata and that it was unacceptable for the facility to remain the way it was.

According to Chipata Central Prison in-charge senior superintendent Singendaba Mumbuwa,
Eastern Province had 2,212 inmates.

Mumbuwa said Chipata had 1,016 male and 38 females inmates, Petauke had 279, Katete (246), Lundazi (414) and Nyimba with 219 inmates.

“We have serious concern on Lundazi which has 414 inmates against the holding capacity of 150 inmates. It has remandees from Chama who are
not being attended to. Some of the remandees from Chama have been in custody since 2016 without undergoing summary trial,” said Mumbuwa.

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