Socialism strives to ensure all citizens lead dignified lives, says Singoyi

SOCIALIST Party political assistant to the general secretary Kachingwe Singoyi says capitalism does not favour interests of workers.

Speaking during an orientation meeting for Socialist Party members in Kapiri Mposhi district, Singoyi said capitalists does not serve the interests of workers but was more concerned with amassing wealth.

He pointed out that a worker is the creator of wealth and should be treated with dignity.

“It should be noted that Zambia is capitalist democracy. And what we are seeing in industrial capitalism like mines is that a capitalist has introduced machinery in order to get rid of a worker. But capitalism can’t function without a worker. A worker is the creator of wealth and should be treated in a dignified manner. A worker should not fund his oppression,” Singoyi said. “Unfortunately, capitalism does not favour the interests of workers but only serves to amass wealth for capitalists at the expense of majority citizens. Capitalism has individualism as one of its values where those in power do not believe in consultation in order to accommodate progressive ideas from the governed. Capitalism is about greediness, which is a recipe for corruption.”

Singoyi said that individuals that were against socialism were not politically conscious.

“In socialism, we believe that a worker governs himself. Socialism strives to ensure that workers, peasants and all citizens lead dignified lives. And among the values of socialism is solidarity, equity, honesty and humility. Therefore, individuals that are saying that socialism is an old philosophy, individuals that are against socialism are not politically conscious,” said Singoyi.

And chairman for the Socialist Party youth league Kyle Haselsteiener implored political leaders to stop using young ones as tools of political violence.

He condemned the Patriotic Front and the UPND leadership for perpetually engaging young people in political violence.

“The PF and UPND should refrain from this tendency of using youths as tools of political violence. This tendency of giving weapons such as pangas and catapults to young people after buying them chibuku [opaque beer] during elections so that they can go and attack and main political opponents should come to an end,” Haselsteiener said.

He advised political leaders to expose young people to popular education so that they discover their destiny.

“And that is the more reason why in the Socialist Party, we want to conscientise the minds of the youths…expose young people to popular education. And that way the youths will have political power to define their destiny. For us we believe that socialism is not sustainable without the youths,” Haselsteiener said.

He further prodded political leaders to refrain from the tendency of imposing candidates on electorates.

“Only a local person understands and appreciates the challenges being faced by residents in the locality she or he lives. In fact, a local person would be more accessible to residents once elected to political office than an imposed or imported candidate,” he added.

Speaking at the same event, Socialist Party Central Province coordinator Kabwe Mulenga urged party members to intensify party mobilisation.

He said there was need for party members to go flat out and form branches in different localities, which will culminate in the formation of wards and holding elections.

He explained that the formation of party structures was aimed at preparing for the National Congress that would be held next year.

Mulenga also called for discipline among party members.

He said discipline was cardinal in any political organisation.

Mulenga said the Socialist Party would not want to be associated with hooliganism that characterises most political parties in Zambia.

“We shall always preach justice, equity and peace,” said Mulenga.

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