It’s time of renewal, says M’membe

THE Socialist Party (Zambia) has urged the working class and the poor to find comfort in Christmas’ spirit of sharing and solidarity.

In his Christmas message, Socialist Party (Zambia) 2021 presidential candidate and party’s deputy general secretary Dr Fred M’membe called on all to embrace Christmas’ revolutionary spirit of generosity.

“The Politburo of the Socialist Party wishes all the people of Zambia a revolutionary Christmas. It is a time for all those who toil to recuperate from the fatigue of the year,” Dr M’membe stated in a press statement.

“May it be a time of renewal, in which we renew our commitment to the socialist and Christian values of honesty, equity, humility and solidarity.”

M’membe added that as Zambians celebrate Christmas Day with their families and friends, they should not forget “millions of our fellow human beings who are trapped in conflict, hardship and suffering.”

“Let this Christmas be the time for turning the power of fear into the power of hope for a more fair, just, and humane world,” stated Dr M’membe.

Meanwhile, MMD leader Nevers Mumba said Christmas was God’s deepest expression of his extravagant love for mankind.

He stated that the birth of Jesus Christ represents a message of good will towards mankind.

“God expressed love towards man at the height of man’s rebellion against Him. It took great courage on God’s part to love a people who lived in rebellion against him. The Bible confirms this when it states that, ‘While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us’,” Mumba said.
“God was courageous enough to love us in spite of our depraved nature. As Zambians we are in conflict with ourselves and our probable future. Hatred based on political and tribal lines seems to be on the increase. This season of good will towards all men gives us an opportunity to start afresh as one people with a common goal to make our country a united and prosperous land.”

Mumba stated that to do this, all needed courage to love those “we would never love if it were left to our own human strength”.

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