Embrace new political tactics, Chifita advises UPND members

UPND Central Province chairman Albert Chifita has called on party members to reposition themselves and embrace new political trends.

Chifita observed that old tactics to win an election have changed over the years, hence the need for UPND members to take into account new political trends.

“The UPND party [members] should realise that the tactics of winning an election used in the past have changed and therefore, we need to reposition ourselves and take into account the latest trends. As a matter of fact, a political campaign is an organised effort which seeks to influence the decision making process of a specific group. In Zambia today, most voters are ordinary citizens living in compounds and most of them uneducated or semi educated. It is these people who decide the destiny of the leaders in an election. Most educated people in Zambia do not vote for unknown reasons,” Chifita observed in a statement. “Now if the UPND has to win an election, the common people in compounds have to be mobilised. All party officials should therefore work hard by forming branches in all wards. It is cardinal to note that it is at branch level where all activities are done to grow the party and even propel any [political] party into governance.”

Chifita further observed that UPND members had the tendency of becoming docile after an election.

“UPND is well known for being docile after an election. Most party members go to sleep without involving themselves in any party activities at all. They act like an amoeba which goes into a cyst when unfavourable conditions prevail. When an election is imminent, most members become active again. This is a bad attitude for our members. We have to be active all year round,” he stated.

And Chifita said that the UPND in Central Province was meeting the set objectives for the card renewal exercise.

“The decision which the members of the national management committee made in November 2017 of carrying out membership card renewal programmes throughout the country was a noble one which should be embraced by all well-meaning UPND party members. The objectives of the district card renewal programme in our province are to renew membership for our old members in the districts and at the same time recruit new members, to allow party leaders at every level of our party to interact with each other, allow elected leaders to meet the electorate at the grassroots and instil a sense of oneness in the minds of our party members,” Chifita stated. “Other than that, we would want to evaluate the management skills of our leaders in the recruitment and mobilisation programmes as well as grow the party and make it competitive with other political parties in the country.”

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