Majority of opposition alliance members dine with PF, says Mbewe

PF member of central committee Kebby Mbewe says the opposition UPND must not deceive itself by thinking that the so-called newly formed alliance will boost its fortunes.

He said majority of the individuals in the alliance dine with the ruling PF as well.

In an interview, Mbewe said Zambians must be careful with individuals calling themselves the opposition because they eat with both hands and have no heart for the people.

“The opposition UPND must not deceive itself by thinking that the so-called newly formed alliance will boost its fortunes because majority of the individuals in that group dine with the ruling party as well,” he said. “They are our people too and this is why we tell Zambians that only President [Edgar] Lungu is genuine.”

Mbewe said it was shocking to see how some politicians could choose to deceive Zambians by pretending to be with the opposition when in reality they belonged to the PF.

He said those that celebrated the birth of the 10-man opposition alliance just wasted their time because there was no such a thing on the ground.

Mbewe said the PF was stronger than the nine individuals without a following disguising to be opposition leaders in the alliance.

He said unlike the alliance, PF was supported by Zambians.

Mbewe said the opposition alliance was only comprised of one party, the UPND, which had a following.

He urged Zambians not to waste their time to listen to bitter men who had ganged up pretending to be saviours.

“We are aware that this alliance is not up to good but bitterness against the PF and the Head of State,” he said. “Majority individuals are very bitter but we want to warn them that their outbursts must be within the law otherwise they will find themselves in trouble, especially those who eat with both hands.”

Mbewe said it was common knowledge that the opposition had failed Zambians and could not be trusted anymore going by its consistent bitterness against the Head of State even when he does a good thing.

“This is a finished alliance, how can you have individuals with different policies in their manifestoes gang up and pretend to have formed an alliance? They have no direction apart from fighting President Lungu,” he said. “The Head of State has demonstrated willingness to fight corruption by firing some individuals who were ministers and today they are in the opposition and some civil servants are being fired as well so what else do these bitter people want the President to do?”

And Mbewe said individuals condemning President Lungu over his ‘joke’ about Bembas must not promote hatred in the country.

He said President Lungu was a human being too who should exercise his right to associate and joke with people.

“It’s very unfortunate that even politicians like GBM can say that Bembas made a mistake to vote for Lungu when even himself does chimbuya with easterners. These are bitter individuals who thought they could buy the PF party but now after failing they have gone the tribal way. Zambians won’t allow that,” said Mbewe.

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