It’s not an insult that I’ll rule up to 2026 – Lungu

IT’S not an insult and taking Zambians for granted when we say that I will rule up to 2026 and that another PF leader will come and take over up to 2031, says President Edgar Lungu.

He said the Patriotic Front government would continue to rule Zambia as long as the opposition parties remained disorderly.

During a PF conference held at Garden Court in Kitwe on Saturday, President Lungu said PF will lead the country forever if the opposition parties did not put its house in order.

President Lungu said PF would only be removed out of government only if Zambians were disappointed with the way the party was ruling.

“It’s not an insult and taking Zambians for granted when we say that I will rule up to 2026 and that another PF [leader] will come and take over up to 2031, no! We will only move away if we fail the people of Zambia,” he said. “But for now as long as we are following the rules, we will continue to rule. There is no rigging, it’s just preparation. People get to know that a party is not doing. So they vote for a party that they feel is going to deliver. They will be talking but as long as we have held on and we are following the laid down rules in the Constitution and people are happy with what we are doing we will just be ruling every time.”

President Lungu said the PF was ruling because of its belief in democracy and that other opposition parties had continued to be in the opposition because of lack of democracy and unity.

He said the PF had remained dominant against all opposition parties because of its adherence to people’s demands and providing quality leadership to the Zambians.

President Lungu said any party that lacked democracy in its leadership would not make it to State House.

He said the card renewal exercise for the PF would only offer spiritual renewal as well as ignite trust of Zambians in the party.

President Lungu said the choices and decisions that would come out of the conference should be respected and should not be based on personal ambitions but help the party grow.

He said there was need for issue based politics and not character assassination.

“It is only PF that qualify in providing leadership to the Zambian people. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration when I say that PF remains to be the country’s party of choice above any other and this conference therefore is part of the PF spiritual renewal to give impetus to the party to do more,” President Lungu said. “The card renewal like the one we are having today reignites and instills the people’s trust in us as custodians of their affairs because we are answerable to them through the electoral process and through constant visitation and accounting of what we promised them will do.”

He said it was important that the country at 54 years of independence embraced politics of substance and not personal politics.

President Lungu said he would work with whoever was elected but that he or she should be willing and ready to serve the country.

“Let me emphasise that the choices and decisions that will come from this conference should not be about personal ambition but should be energising and promoting the growth of the party, the PF. Whoever emerges as winner, we will work with them. Let me also emphasise that this idea of having running mates or workmates as you go to become executive committee members of the province does not work. Choose a vice chairman you want and others and I will work with them but be mindful that we want people who will work for the people,” said President Lungu. “I am making a call for issue based politics including all those who are to hold the government accountable. So those that are talking to us should also be committed and principled to bring in issues which are sincere and not time wasting.”

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