MUZ stopped representing interests of miners – Nsama

EX-MINERS on the Copperbelt say they are disappointed with the Mine Workers Union of Zambia for failing to put the interests of miners first.

Mufulira ex-miners chairperson Friday Nsama said MUZ should be more concerned with the pending job losses in the mining sector.

Last week, MUZ backed the call by State House for a commission of inquiry into the sale of State-owned Enterprises during the privatisation process in the 1990s.

MUZ president Joseph Chewe told a media briefing that there was need to review the privatisation process to ascertain errors and alleged plunder of national resources.

Chewe said MUZ had compiled a report on the mistakes, lessons and benefits from the privatisation process and would soon present it to government and the World Bank.

He said time was now ripe to settle the debate on the alleged looting of national assets under the guise of the privatisation policy.

But Nsama said the union should not side with government on issues that would not change the welfare of miners.

“What MUZ should be more concerned now is the pending job losses at the mines in Solwezi. We have heard what the mines have said about the job cuts and this should concern MUZ more than this story of inquiry,” he said.
“Apparently, the union has stopped representing the interests of the miners. We don’t have a union that can put miners first. Now what we want Mr Chewe to do is speak for the miners. This issue of privatisation, yes we know it’s important but it’s about politics. The people that are championing this are politicians and the union should not get involved.”

Nsama said miners were now in fear about their future.

He said MUZ should give hope to the miners who now were concerned about their jobs.

“We need to give hope to the miners. They are living in fear. Some of us who lost jobs know what it means when we start hearing stories of job cuts. It may look simple on the face of it, but it is so hurting when reality comes,” said Nsama.

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